Spencer Brown & QRION
Spencer Brown & QRION

Spencer Brown & QRION team up on new single “20ms”

The latest single from Spencer Brown’s forthcoming album ‘Equanimity’

Spencer Brown, a pioneer in the next generation of progressive house and techno, has just released the newest track off his upcoming album titled “Equanimity.” On “20ms” he collaborates with his good buddy and highly regarded Japanese-American producer QRION. The record is out on Spencer’s imprint diivine.

Spencer Brown and QRION record 20ms

The track “20ms” begins with a sensuous tribal rhythm and a rubbery bassline, but it quickly develops into a progressive house classic that demonstrates the tremendous diversity of the two outstanding producers who created it. The groove is perfectly placed next to a stunning atmosphere that sparkles like the sun breaking through the clouds.

‘Qrion and I have incredible chemistry in the studio because of our deep friendship; we always work in the same room, never online. When we are making tracks, it feels like we are casually hanging out, not sitting down with any intentions. “20ms” perfectly captures our playfulness in the studio. All the synths and bass in the track were made with a Korg MS-20 while I was visiting Austin, Texas. Neither of us knew how to use the synth properly, but we recorded some experiments while fidgeting with knobs,’ Spencer Brown says.

He continues, ‘If we had to recreate the track, it would be impossible. The synth was not quantized to any sort of grid. We captured the randomness of exploring the synth like children while catching up on our personal lives, and “20ms” was born once we programmed a strong groove. The track has been a staple in both of our sets, and we are pleased to share it with the world.’

Following the release of “Awu Wemadoda,” the first single from the “Equanimity” album, 20ms” is the second single to be released from the album.

“Awu Wemadoda” is a track that features Wilt Claybourne and the South African male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, who have won five Grammy Awards between them. In the wake of his previous albums, 2018’s ‘Illusion of Perfection’ and 2020’s ‘Stream of Consciousness,’ ‘Equanimity’ is mixed into one continuous piece and features additional collaborations with the musical elite. These include Ezequiel Arias, ilan Bluestone, Late Night Shri, Luttrell, and POS (aka Above & Beyond’s Paavo Siljamaki).

Spencer Brown’s tour after the album release

Spencer Brown will follow the release of ‘Equanimity’ with his most ambitious tour to date, which began earlier in the month of August and will encompass an extensive run of North American performances all the way through the beginning of 2024.

It is essential to keep in mind that a Spencer Brown DJ set is a wholly unplanned and genuine musical experience; there will never be two shows that are exactly the same.

This is the result of Spencer living and breathing music to the point that he is familiar with every aspect of every track in his arsenal and is able to program his performances in accordance with the audience that he is performing for. Spencer has truly mastered the art of building up the tension, the ebb, and the flow all the way up to the point where the dance floor explodes.

On select dates of the tour, a one-of-a-kind live presentation called “Divine Inspirations” will be presented, which will provide fans with the fullest possible Spencer Brown experience. Tickets can be purchased in this location.

The album ‘Equanimity’ will be released in the fall, and a new song, titled “20ms,” featuring Spencer Brown and QRION will be made available on diviine on August 30.