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Agents Of Time Agoria OXIA
Agents Of Time Agoria OXIA

AGORIA drops ‘All over You’ incl. remixes by Agents of Time and Oxia

This is a vital package of remixes that rework the original into real dance floor dynamite.

Deep and techno artist AGORIA has just presented his new single All over You, released together with two incredible remixed from the lights of Agents of Time and Oxia.

Kicking off with a hypnotic and chill beat, the records features a deep voice as well. The soft and delicate melodies with the gentle piano crescendo bring the listener to an incredible second drop where underground percussions collide with sensitive themes. Bringing even more hypnotic vibes, there’s OXIA with the first remix of the track. The narcotic top melody perfectly wraps around the mesmeric, clean and minimal beat for a remix that reminds us of the vibes of a forgotten civilization. His version is superbly deep and melodic, with swaying drums and somber chords all light up with the airy vocals sounds which carry you away into a lush daydream.

Last but not least, Agents Of Time bring some euphoric and catchy rhythm with a faster beat but, yet, keeping unaltered the long and soothing melodic lines. The remix has the club in raptures as it teases out a bright lead synth line and the big chords are left to suspend you in mid-air. It is a melodic masterpiece filled with color. The calming vocal completes the remix for an incredible 3-track EP. This is a vital package of remixes that rework the original into real dance floor dynamite.

All over You is part of Lucky soundtrack, a comedy about a pair of friends who need to get out of financial difficulty.

Both the original and Agents of Time and Oxia remixes are available via this link or below.

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