Antdot and Maz transform Zeca Veloso’s “Todo Homem” | remix

The tune is currently an organic house gem currently supported by Diplo, Keinemusik, and Vintage Culture, among others

Antdot and Maz

Todo Homem” was reimagined by DJs and music producers Antdot and Maz, and features one-of-a-kind vocals by Zeca Veloso, son of Caetano Veloso, one of the leading Brazilian artists, winner of many Grammy Awards, and dubbed “the fourth greatest artist of Brazilian music of all time” by Rolling Stone magazine.

The original composition “Todo Homem” is as moving as music gets. It’s almost like Zeca Veloso, Caetano Veloso, and Zeca’s brothers are writing an open letter to their mother. From the heartfelt lyrics to the soulful and inviting instrumentals, “Todo Homem” is an exquisitely crafted song.

Zeca’s songwriting alone proves he’s the son of the great Caetano Veloso as the lyrics, although simple, evoke profound and personal significance. It paints a picture of all the little things that remind him of his mother, such as the sensations of “coziness” and “shelter.”

In the chorus, Zeca repeats, “Every man needs a mother.” For a country the size of Brazil, such a deep and significant tune demands seriousness, and everything about it should be treated with respect. Fortunately, Antdot and Maz honored this song by reimagining it, simultaneously preserving every aspect of the original intention, while bringing a soothing and intoxicating vibe to life that is proving it to be a fan favorite around the globe.

Antdot and Maz’s version received early support from the likes of Diplo, Keinemusik, and Vintage Culture, and its charm is irresistible even to non-Portuguese-speaking crowds. Everyone is moved by the music.