Chris Luno
Chris Luno

Chris Luno & Exit Coda drop ‘Those Days’

Discover the Magic of Collaboration and the Power of Playfulness in This Never Happened Debut Release

With “Those Days,” Chris Luno and Exit Coda have crafted a musical experience that feels like a sun-drenched day at the beach, filled with laughter, dance, and a sense of euphoria. The track’s pulsating bassline lays a solid foundation for the layers of melodies and carefully crafted sounds that weave together seamlessly. The tune is out now via This Never Happened.

From the first notes, “Those Days” captures the listener’s attention and beckons them to join in the celebration of life and cherished memories. The infectious rhythms create an irresistible urge to move, as the music washes over the senses and fills the air with its vibrant energy. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to close your eyes, throw your hands in the air, and surrender to the joyous moment.

“Those Days” was a very fun project to work on! We remotely collaborated on the tune and sent around 5 versions back and forth over the course of 3 months. My personal breakthrough moment must have been at version 4, when I felt that some quirkiness was missing in the track. So I played around with a few synth sounds, then accidentally time stretched a synthesizer sample, which somehow created this fun and playful sound that’s floating on top of the bassline. I liked how the first part of it sounded like a question, so I detuned the other part to sound like an answer to it. A classic lucky accident type of situation, which we then decided to keep in the track. – Chris Luno

The collaborative nature of the creative process shines through in the track’s rich textures and intricate details. Luno and Exit Coda’s seamless integration of their individual styles and influences creates a cohesive sonic experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. The track embodies a shared musical language and a deep understanding of what it takes to craft an unforgettable piece of electronic music.

The accidental discovery of the playful synth sound further enhances the track’s charm. It adds an element of surprise and unpredictability, mirroring the unpredictable nature of life and the cherished moments we often stumble upon. It’s a reminder that sometimes the most magical moments happen when we let go of rigid expectations and embrace the spontaneity of the creative process.

Chris Luno and Exit Coda’s Those Days is out now via Lane 8’s This Never Happened.