dirty south little devious ep

Dirty South returns with ‘Little Devious’ EP on This Never Happened

The Australian legend delivers a new astonishing EP after a long hyatus on Lane 8's label

Dirty South ‘Little Devious’ EP includes Space Between Us, Saint Brute, and Plectar via Lane 8 This Never Happened.

Production master Dirty South hasn’t had a release since his latest LP, darko, back in late 2018. That same year, he had already released another album, the beautiful XV. Though, it was natural that he had to take a break to focus on researching new sounds and innovating his style, which had rapidly become – may I say? – boring. Proof of this is that ‘darko’ didn’t perform as well as XV, because it lacked a bit of its’ unique freshness.

But now Dragan is back with a new EP, four tracks that give us a taste of what’s to come: Little Devious. Signed on Lane 8’s revered imprint This Never Happened, the EP starts again from where we left, meaning an obscure progressive/tech-house fusion.

But this time, the Australian producer brings back a bit of his taste for elegant big room-ish sounds, that we can immediately recognize in the opening track ‘Little Devious’, which is supercharged by stirring buildups and powerful hands-in-the-air drops. ‘Space Between Us’ returns a little bit on the ‘darko’ path, with dark atmospheres and wide use of brasses, creating a powerful club weapon. Track three, ‘Saint Brute’, totally relies on the obsessive main melody from start to finish, with drums and effects entrusted to deal with the emotions. ‘Little Devious’ EP ends with ‘Plectar’, another typical, quite basic example of Dirty South’s sound.

The EP celebrates his Little Devious Tour, which is seeing him travel the Americas from late July to September. Dirty South’s Little Devious EP is available now for streaming and downloading via your favorite platform by following this link.