Girl during a music festival
Girl during a music festival

Essential Style Tips for Your Festival Outfits

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While we’re still a long way from festivals, it’s always better to be prepared. Once big events get green-lighted again, you will have your festival outfit ready and blow everyone’s mind with your spectacular looks.

Start with comfy shoes

Festivals include a lot of walking. On average, people attending Coachella walk between 7 and 8 miles a day—that’s a lot of steps on heat and uneven terrain. So, make sure to wear comfy shoes like Chuck Taylors, flat sandals, runners, or ankle boots with a low and thick heel. If you can, stay away from wedges and anything with a heel.

Something for sun protection

Summer festivals are super fun, but standing in the sun for hours is not. It can leave you sunburned and damage your skin. So, what you can do is get a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and neck from the sun and further improve your outfit. If it doesn’t fit your look, you don’t have to opt for anything large—a simple Panama hat or even a baseball cap can do wonders for your comfort levels. If they are your style, bucket hats are very popular right now, so you can also incorporate one into your outfit.

Layers for evening chill

Even though the summer days are very hot, the temperatures can drop at night. If you’re staying in the middle of the main concert area surrounded by thousands of people, you will not get cold. But if you get tired and decide to hang back in the open air, you might feel the chill. If you can, make sure to pack an extra layer and bring it with you—a long sleeve denim jacket or a light poncho fit every outfit and they can be carried around easily.

Go with a minimalist statement piece

Every festival outfit deserves to have something that will attract attention, but make sure to choose something minimalist yet impressive. You can’t go wrong with simple gems, plus you can often find amazing sales here and get away with great prices. These pieces pack a punch yet they are small and won’t interfere with your dancing and going wild with your friends. Other festival statement pieces you can wear are sequin tops, fringe vests, neon visors

Girls at a music festival
Girls at a music festival

Pack a bandana

This stylish accessory serves a double purpose during festivals: it elevates your outfit and protects you from dust and sand. When the wind picks up, you’ll be super glad you have something to keep the dust away. Also, you can use it to keep your neck protected from the sun if you wear a baseball cap.

Fanny pack for storage

This is one of the biggest festival musts. Worrying about your handbag can be tiresome, so opt for a practical cross-body bag (something medium to mini is the best choice). This accessory will hold all your necessities like your phone, money, lipstick, and ID, but it won’t interfere with your daily activities and prevent you from dancing your heart out.

Sunglasses for extra shade

Sunglasses are not only up to your coolness factor, but they also help with the sun. If you forget them at home, you will squint a lot—festivals can be very bright both during the day and night. Your shades can also help with dust and sand since they can shield your eyes in case the winds pick up.

Lift your hair up

If you have short hair, you don’t have to worry about this, but long-haired people might consider wearing their hair up. Why? Well, festivals can get very sweaty, and having your hair down can feel very gross. Plus, expect to have a tangled mess on your head by the end of the night. The best thing you can do for your hair is to wear it in braids, so you don’t have to spend the entire ride home untangling your hair. Plus, you will look super cute and festive with your boxer braids!

Keep this outfit tutorial in mind until the festivals start welcoming guests again, and you will be the most stylish dancer out there.