Is the Axwell Cut announced by Axtone back in October canceled?

We may be wrong as 2020 will be over in a week from now but, with today’s Axtone post it seems we won’t see new music during the holidays, nor the Axwell Cut.

What are we referring to? The story starts around October when Axwell’s label Axtone posted a pic showing the release schedule for the upcoming months. The pic, still available on Facebook but not on Instagram, shows that the release schedule was including a Tomorrowland ID, a new Roisto tune, and, probably the announcement that created the most hype, a new Axwell Cut.

Fans have started to speculate what could it be the Axwell Cut and some of them came to the conclusion that there was a great chance the tune was Bliss. The speculation was fueled up because Years in an Instagram comment stated that “2020 is a good year for all of this waiting to come to an end“.

Now, if we backtrack Axtone’s release schedule, we can see that the Tomorrowland ID has been released as it was in fact Marcus Santoro, Marc Benjamin, and David Pietras Losing Focus. About Roisto, he released My Way with Simon Ray only a few weeks ago so, the Axwell Cut is the only missing at this point.

So, why are you saying that the Axwell Cut won’t be released if 2020 is not over yet? Well, just a few hours ago, with a post on its social media, Axtone has officially wished Happy Holidays adding it was time to switch off.

Talking about Years, he basically went dark in 2020 with the last post on his Instagram about an event in August. Interesting to notice, tho, that Years changed his profile picture on Spotify only yesterday.

So, what has happened to both releases? Was the Axwell Cut actually Bliss? Has it been postponed (as everything in 2020) or was it another tune? We don’t know, unfortunately…

Axwell Cut 2020
Funny meme about the Axwell cut by u/newtonianSolid via r/SwedishHouseMafia