Felix Raphael and Armen Miran tem up for ’Soul Guardian’

The two debuts on Cafe De Anatolia with an ethnic, organic and deep house gem.

Felix Raphael and Armen Miran
Felix Raphael and Armen Miran
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Felix Raphael and Armen Miran collaborated once more to develop “Soul Guardian,” a highly organic and deep piece of House Music. Felix and Armen maintained a strong connection with their third track across the borders of the United States and Germany. They are both familiar with each other thanks to collaboration releases on their respective record labels (Yion and Hoomidas). Soul Guardian is out now on Cafe De Anatolia.

Felix Raphael, Armen Miran Soul Guardian

The grounding structure of “Soul Guardian” is made up of various classical instruments. The piano, violin, acoustic guitar, and flute add a huge sense of musicality in the deepest sense to the track. While the melodic elements transport the listener to a more relaxed and “concert-like” state, the Synthesizer lead and bass sounds, as well as the drums, unquestionably bring the groove and tension to the dancefloor. Last but not least, Felix Raphael’s atmospheric Vocals will capture the audience’s hearts and float them away with them.

About Cafe De Anatolia

Cafe De Anatolia, a renowned European-based record label founded on May 16, 2017 by Zoran Iliev (aka Billy Esteban), daughter Monika Ilieva, and son Nikola Iliev (aka Nickarth & Rialians On Earth), is a renowned European-based record label that has consistently raised the entertainment standards bar on a global scale.

Intertwining lost ethnic sounds and ancient instruments with 21st-century electronic vibes, Cafe De Anatolia has become a fast-rising record label sensation, influencing positive disruptive industry change and empowering hundreds of established/burgeoning artists across the electronic spectrum to leave their own lasting marks.