Swedish House Mafia stage 2019

Swedish House Mafia reunion tour behind the scene

etnow.com delivered some behind the scene for Stockholm show production as well as NTRP for Tinderbox

Swedish House Mafia Stockholm show was one of the massive and most advanced, visually speaking, set up we’ve seen in a while. For such a hyped and long-waited event, Swedish House Mafia have chosen the top-notch when it comes to staging production and quality of sound.

Britannia Row was the company chosen for the audio equipment. The team worked around all the massive led wall as the speakers weren’t allowed to appear directly in front of the screen. It takes three days to install and test the audio system.

An intimate but still powerful sound was requested for the show, filled with plenty of basses. For this reason, an L-Acoustics system composed by K1-SB, K1 and K2 with K1-SB, K1 and K2 also flown L-R for side hangs was chosen.

Because of the size of the audience, three delay positions were necessary.

Rabbit wanted to hear a lot of sub everywhere, so I came up with the idea of designing a center flown sub-cluster of KS28s. To do this in a single zone meant it behaved as though it was coming from one source, and it worked really well for these events, ensuring that an even coverage was achieved throughout the venue. – Britannia Row’s Josh Lloyd, production’s sound system designer

Front fill was provided by SB18s and Kara, and ground subs were KS28s. The amplification was provided by L-Acoustics LA-12X.

For a more in-depth read, go over etnow.com that has provided a very specific article about the matter.

Talking about the Tinderbox show, you surely have noticed the slightly different stage setup.

Thanks to NTRP, who has provided the production and the travel to Swedish House Mafia for the Tinderbox gig, we have now some behind the scene of the stage.

As seen also from the previous shows, the three hanging dots filled by lights and LEDs will be a common point on all the shows. In the first frame, you can see them disassembled.

One the following frames you can clearly see in-depth particulars of the three dots.