1001Tracklists launches its new data analytics platform called 1001Trackstats

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1001Tracklists, the most famous electronic dance music portal, has just launched a brand new service for artists and labels called 1001Trackstats.

1001Trackstats is the ultimate tool for artists and label to monitor the global performances of their tracks; based on the immeasurable database of 1001Tracklists, this new platform aims to become the leading data aggregator for electronic music. But how does it work?

The platform is divided into four main tools:

  • Activity Feed: providing chronological updates and real-time notifications for all data sources
  • Analytics Page: showing detailed insight and cross-platform performance of each track
  • Customisable Reports: compiling data in appealing PDFs that can be shared and scheduled
  • Social Integration: allowing fast and easy sharing of new accomplishments

The leading electronic dance music aggregator 1001Tracklists has launched its new data analytics platform called 1001Trackstats.

This simple method of visualization allows both artists and label to easy monitoring the stats of their records so as to runs the best advertising campaign to maximize the coverage.

1001Trackstats offers real-time insights into key metrics for all of an artist’s or label’s releases, allowing them to quickly discover data points such as DJ Support, Spotify Playlisting, SoundCloud Reposts and Beatport Chart Positioning.

1001TL Support Data 1001trackstatsThe platform has been launched only weeks ago so, it is constantly growing and improving to provide the best service to the final user. There are two different plans: the one or the artist that is set to 10€/month and the one for the label that it cost 15€/month. You can also subscribe yearly to save almost the 20%. Yearly plans are respectively 100/150€.

The platform is already in use by big labels such as Spinnin’, Revealed, Armada, Axtone, Protocol and more. Because it’s a brand new platform, the team has set a road-map to new features that will be included in the future updates to it:

  • Reports for all existing data sources (Spotify, SoundCloud & Beatport) [Q2 2018]
  • Apple Music Playlist Integration [Q2 2018]
  • Mobile App with fully customizable push notifications [Q3 2018]
  • Global Radio Airplay Monitoring [Q3 2018]
  • More Data Sources (YouTube, iTunes, Shazam & Blog Coverage) [TBD]

Stay tuned because the best is yet to come. You can still already access the platform following this link.Spotify Playlisting 1001trackstats[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]