Alesso x DubVision - One Last Time
Alesso x DubVision - One Last Time official cover art

Alesso brand new progressive house tune with Dubvision ‘One Last Time’

The track is pure beauty, featuring progressive house vibes at their best.

Alesso just announced his brand new single, a collaboration with the duo Dubvision, called One Last Timehis first progressive house tune since the album Forever.

It’s not a mystery that Alesso moved away from the progressive house scene more than five years now; from the release of his masterpiece Forever album, the Swedish superstar choose to go more pop and commercial with releases like Take My Breath Away, Falling or Remedy. He continued to release stunning tunes, no doubt, the die-hard fans, who have been loyal since day one, have always waited with trepidation for the return of the Alesso of City Of Dreams, Years, Tear the Roof Up and so on. A partial come back to the root happened last year, with the release of the Progresso Mixtape, containing three dancefloor banger mixing the old Alesso-style with some new elements. Now, the long waiting seems to be over.

Alesso, out of nowhere, posted on all the social the announcement of a brand new tune; it won’t be a solo release but a collaboration with the ionic progressive house duo Dubvision. With such artists behind a track, the result can only be amazing. The tune, called One Last Time will be out this Friday.

Starting 2020 with this one! I know some of you guys have been waiting for me to drop a song like this for a while! Me & dubVision are super happy you guys can finally hear it! Enjoy! – Alesso

The track is pure beauty, featuring progressive house vibes at their best. You may have heard it around as the track has been played by Alesso last month at Dreambeach Festival, Chile.

Finally, the track is out now worldwide; check below or this link for the download.

Alesso & DubVision - One Last Time (Official Audio)