ANNA new album Intentions
ANNA new album Intentions

ANNA talks about new album ‘Intentions’ and new single ‘Receiving’

“INTENTIONS captures the purest longing for the universal power of love. It’s borne out of a deep well of love that exists inside of me, and an enduring appreciation for all that we call ‘life’” - ANNA

DJ and electronic producer ANNA announces the release of her debut ambient electronic album, Intentions, on May 19th via Mercury KX. The album invites the listener on a voyage of spiritual development through sound. The CD is a singular meeting between ANNA’s spiritual and techno music sides.

ANNA also declares that she has signed with Mercury KX, where she will be alongside incredible talents like lafur Arnalds, Isobel Waller-Bridge, and Erland Cooper.

ANNA’s powerful story stopped us in our tracks. Another pandemic zoom, turned into a transformational experience and we had to work with her. She truly is a world-class composer, producer and musician and we’ve only scratched the surface of what artistry is yet to come – Mercury KX Label and A&R Manager Cerys Weetch

Receiving is the first single extracted from ANNA’s new album Intensions

The first song from the album, “Receiving,” a lulling and featherlight offering created for surrendering to what is and receiving what arises, is shared by the Brazilian-born, Lisbon-based DJ and producer along with the announcements. It features iconic ambient pioneer Laraaji.

ANNA, Laraaji - Receiving (Visualiser)

The consequence of ANNA’s self-realization journey, “Intentions,” she trades in her harder, club-driven production for sound healing and ambient sensibilities, forever changing her creative process and attitude toward the world. An immersive meditation journey, the album includes a special listening guide created by ANNA that invites listeners to set intentions for each track, each of which has been arranged and assigned a certain function on the album (you can read it in full at the end of the article).

INTENTIONS captures the purest longing for the universal power of love. It’s borne out of a deep well of love that exists inside of me, and an enduring appreciation for all that we call ‘life’ – ANNA

ANNA’s New Album Is An Immersive Journey To Explore And Expand Into New States Of Consciousness And Being.

Intentions” should be viewed as a journey toward recovery and development. The album, which ANNA produced at her own Anaweh Studio, combines melodic and expansive soundscapes with sound healing techniques, dance-oriented beats, binaural beats, and ANNA’s emotional channeling on the synthesizer and flute. Also, the album features collaborations with renowned ambient pioneer Laraaji, musician and spiritualist East Forest, and contemporary classical giant Max Cooper. Remixes by Grammy Award winner Jon Hopkins and Ivor Novello Award candidate Max Cooper are also included.

Although ANNA had long been interested in spirituality, she had never made it her primary goal. For a while, she had used meditation as a refocusing technique. She is now freer to express genuine creativity after completing the course and engaging in other spiritual and meditative practices, such as transcendental meditation, Vipassana retreat, and shamanic energy healing training. She is also beginning to perceive things and music in a slightly different way. After embracing a more reflective and loving style of life, ANNA developed a love for ambient and classical music.

Intentions is a deep journey inside ANNA’s soul aimed to bring the listener into a state of inner peace

Actually, ANNA’s adventure with intentions began with her experimenting with sounds and frequencies as a tool for her meditations and reflective times. While around the world, she would listen to these compositions—these soundscapes for self-realization—using pianos, flutes, and sound healing techniques. The inner and outside, of course (tourist destinations and nature itself continue to be fertile sources of inspiration). In order to help you comfortably enter deep sleep and also to reduce anxiety, ANNA and Endel collaborated on “World Sleep Day” in 2022 to produce an AI-powered soundtrack. ‘The Spring of Dreams‘ is the title. It served as an early preview of “Intentions‘” content.

With a lifelong passion for music that dates back to the nightclub, her father ran in the countryside outside of So Paulo when she was just fourteen years old, today’s success has taken twenty years to achieve. ANNA was and is still a highly coveted techno superstar. It is not surprising that she has found her way into some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals in the globe as well as the hearts of fans everywhere given the praise she has received from prominent dance music journals like DJ Mag, Beatportal, and Mixmag. She was well-liked by her contemporaries and famously accepted a request to remix Martin Gore’s “Howler” and work with East Forest.

Just on Spotify, ANNA has had more than 48 million streams in her entire career. In addition to her earlier appearances at Movement Detroit, Tomorrowland, DC10, and Coachella, she also stood up for BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and performed a live set for Cercle that was streamed online and seen more than 3,6 million times. With her debut ambient electronic album, ANNA is demonstrating once more that there are no boundaries to her musical originality.

A guide from ANNA on listening her new album Intensions


In this moment, take a pause. Yield to the stillness that anchors your mind. Only this.
An interlude that asks nothing of you except to sit and breathe. Rest here, in your own awareness.
Go within; the place where magic dwells. Let this invitation wrap you up in presence and provide a space for insight.
Set an intention to… slow down, take a pause, go within.


Let it go. Let it be. Let it arrive. Just like it’s meant to. Release the need to try, and allow whatever comes to flow in. Receiving the totality of your experience, without controlling it.
No trying. No resisting. Only openness. Maybe you will encounter bliss or find deep resolution. Other times, nothing at all. Simply surrender; everything belongs here. This song will hold the space for you to receive.

Trust it. Set an intention to…surrender to what is and welcome what appears.


This is an offering for the universal power of Love. My intention is to channel the vibration of spirit through this collection of frequencies. God, energy, source, divinity; Oneness, whatever speaks to you. Every chord and loop echoing through the sky, the sea, the trees, your eyes.
This song holds the frequency of connection, of remembrance, a portal that connects infinity with the self. You are everything. It’s all you. I hope you feel it. It is my deepest wish that this music helps you to remember the infinite love that you already are.

Set an intention to…lean into the vibration of spirit, to connect with that part of yourself that you share with the everything and everyone.


Life is in motion. But sometimes, stagnancy can stop us from being in flow. Let the
frequencies in this track untether you from lower states; feel it washing away any heaviness that weighs you down. Head outside, look at the sky, feel the rain or wind on your skin. Place an intention in nature to let go of all that no longer serves you. Speak it internally or openly; your willingness to release any heaviness is enough. Let this music support your process.

Set an intention to…release all that no longer serves you.


By channelling these sound frequencies, my intention is to translate felt states of elevated
emotion, of gratitude, joy and a connection to the divine, and expand that same frequency inside of you. Miracles are all around us; in the giant golden ball that floats in the sky, in the wind that blows across the desert; in a woman’s body carrying new life. I hope this music finds equal resonance inside you, and connects you to the deepest knowing: I see miracles everywhere. Open your heart to what already exists. Let the alchemy of this sound help you see, feel and bear witness.

Set an intention to…open your eyes and heart to the miracles that exist within and beyond you.


I am forever inspired by the Inca principle of Ayni, which means “to be in right relationship” with self, with other, with the natural world around us. This track is a reminder: when we consciously seek to live in harmony and integrity, everything starts to align. To live in reciprocity with your heart, with your being, with your neighbours, you navigate the world lightly and peacefully, meeting its many ups and downs with grace. To be in your centre in this way, synchronicities rush in. Life carries you, even in the tough moments. You are held. Close your eyes and listen to the intention flowing through Ayni. Feel yourself being in a harmonious exchange with life.

Set an intention to…step into even greater affinity with self and other; life will flow.


What better excuse is there to celebrate, than to celebrate life itself? This track is a
manifestation of joy, a call to dance across the landscape of your life, to acknowledge the
events, experiences and relationships that nourish your soul. I love to celebrate everything, and music is a tool to go inward, to connect deeper to undiscovered parts of yourself. It is a vibrational gateway into a deep inner love that perhaps you didn’t know existed. Let love in. Let you in. Everything else will take care of itself.

Set an intention to… open up, let love in, and meet the infinite inside of you