DGTL welcomes Cincity with ‘Baraka (feat. B’utiza)’

Cincity debuts on DGTL Records ‘Baraka’ celebrates love's limitless power to unify humanity.

Cincity makes her DGTL Records debut with Baraka, and we couldn’t be happier to see her on board.

‘Baraka’ explores the everlasting concept of love’s resilience and ability to unite humanity.

It is a musical affirmation of love’s infinite potential, pushing us to promote love while opposing its critics.

Baraka (feat. B’utiza)

The track is a superb blend of African electronic elements, perfectly fusing Afro-House rhythms with captivating melodies of melodic and tribal techno.

Baraka‘ is an anthem that celebrates the limitless strength of love and its ability to unite humanity.

B’utiza’s lyrics construct a melodious tale that captivates your spirit with a message of embracing and sharing love while keeping vigilant against those who strive to destroy it.

The acoustic environment of the tune is a captivating blend of deep and uplifting components.

The bassline has dark and substantial undertones that ground us as listeners. The percussion creates an irresistible groove that invites you to move in time with the music.

The synths transport you to undiscovered worlds as you progress through the track. They produce a sensation of exhilaration and amazement as if you’re traveling beyond the bounds of space and time.

The artist: Cinity

Cincity, also known as Cin to friends and family, has an insatiable need for artistic expression. She has spent the year exploring all continents in search of her own musical voice.

As an artist, she continues to experiment with an ever-changing blend of sounds and cultures she encounters and learns about along the road

Her love of house music has combined with her African background, resulting in an eclectic sound.

With her diverse palette and musical upbringing, she is able to show an audience what house music is and can be in her eyes.

The record is out now via DGTL.