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Foto di Maurício Mascaro da Pexels

Clubs may open sooner than we think, at least in some regions

Plans for reopening clubs and start again with open-air events are being discussed these days

2020 has turned out to be one of the worst years for clubs and music festivals. With COVID-19 pandemic almost every club worldwide has been forced to close in early March with music events and festivals planned for the spring and summer season postponed in 2021. But, what if we could return to dance earlier than we think?

With some European countries already in Phase 2, plans for reopening clubs and start again with open-air events are being discussed these days.

The first news about the reopening of the clubs arrives from the German club capital, Berlin. On May 15th some German clubs have reopened with a strict policy: no dancing. There will be music but you’ll need to keep social distance and it’s strictly forbidden to dance. For example, Berlin’s famous club Sisyphos has opened as afternoon beer gardens operating with a food license.

In Italy, concerts and theater shows can take place again from the 17th of May but they must follow a strict policy. First of all, all the people in the crowd must wear face masks. The maximum number of spectators is set to 1000 people if the event will take place open air to get off to 200 people if inside. People must stay far from each other and seats will be pre-assigned.

Regarding clubs, everyone goes in the same direction keeping everything closed except Sicily. The Italian island with an order on the 17th of May stated that from June 8th clubs could open again. Problem is that the order goes in the opposite direction compared to the Government decisions. Besides that, the Regional order also states that in the case of reopening, clubs must follow national guidelines for the fight of COVID-19 including wearing face masks, keep social distance, avoid gatherings and so on which is the exact opposite of what is normally done in a club.

We’re the first to want to go dancing again but, it has to be done in total security avoiding a restart of the pandemic and another increase in cases.