Eric Prydz Releases Pryda Material ‘The Return / Of Me’

Set for release across July, the two singles will drop via Pryda Recordings/Virgin on the 14th of July and the 28th of July.

Eric Prydz Pryda
Eric Prydz Pryda

In an exciting turn of events, Eric Prydz is breathing new life into his most celebrated alias, Pryda.

After a long wait of five years, fans can finally rejoice as Pryda makes a powerful comeback with brand-new music.

The forthcoming release features two highly sought-after tracks, ‘The Return‘ and ‘Of Me,’ which have tantalized audiences during his spectacular HOLO live shows.

With the revival of Pryda, Eric Prydz promises to reignite the flame of his instrumental project and once again push the boundaries of melodic and progressive electronic music.

Pryda: A Pioneering Force in Electronic Music

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, Pryda has captivated listeners with its timeless productions. Tracks like ‘Aftermath‘ (2005), ‘Muranyi‘ (2007), and ‘Pjanoo‘ (2008) have become synonymous with the distinctive Pryda sound.

The project’s instrumental nature has garnered immense praise and established it as a leading influence within the electronic music landscape.

Often considered a sub-genre in itself, the Pryda Sound is characterized by resonant, layered melodies, and euphoria-inducing synths that have left an indelible mark on the industry.

The Return of Pryda: ‘The Return’ and ‘Of Me’

Following an endless stream of requests from devoted fans during his HOLO live shows, Eric Prydz has finally answered the call.

Teased on his own social media platforms, a snippet from his recent performance at Sonar Festival provided a taste of the magic to come.

Pryda Recordings will release the two-track split, with ‘The Return‘ arriving on July 14th and ‘Of Me‘ following suit on July 28th.

These highly-anticipated singles precede Eric Prydz’s much-awaited HOLO debut at Tomorrowland, generating even greater excitement and anticipation among his loyal fan base.