Mathame Announce Debut Album “MEMO”


In a surprising move that left fans both intrigued and excited, the Italian electronic music duo Mathame recently wiped their Instagram account clean, leaving fans speculating about their next move.

Shortly after, Mathame posted a cryptic announcement, revealing that their highly anticipated debut album, titled “MEMO,” is set to be released on Friday, June 30, 2023.

With this announcement, Mathame invites their audience on a journey through their memories and emotions, aiming to create a lasting impact through the power of music and dance.

A Journey of Self-Discovery: Mathame’s album MEMO

Writing an album is often a transformative and introspective process for artists.

Mathame describes it as a journey where the ego dissolves, paving the way for memories and impressions to take center stage.

It’s a profound exploration that seeks to translate and express personal experiences, with the hope of connecting with the audience on a deep level.

By sharing their memories through music, Mathame aspires to create new memories for their listeners.

Mathame contemplates the essence of their artistic expression, questioning what it means to create music that not only resonates in the mind but also moves the body.

Their goal is to evoke a visceral response in their audience, to make them not only hear the music but feel it in their bones.

They strive to craft an experience where the rhythm, the beats per minute, and the pulsating basslines penetrate the listeners’ souls and make them dance.

MEMO: A Logbook of Memories

With “MEMO,” Mathame aims to immortalize their memories in an audio logbook—a collection of their personal reflections, experiences, and emotions.

It becomes a travelogue through the depths of their souls, where themes of love, mortality, uncertainty, hope, and spirituality find their place.

Each track tells a story, offering listeners a glimpse into the duo’s world and inviting them to embark on a shared emotional journey.

Mathame acknowledges the profound impact their listeners have had on their lives.

By choosing their music, the audience has become an integral part of their creative process.

The duo expresses immense gratitude for this symbiotic relationship, recognizing that their fans’ support has the power to change lives.

In releasing “MEMO,” Mathame hopes to reciprocate that gratitude by offering an album that will touch hearts, move bodies, and create lasting memories for their devoted following.