Steve Angello Edits Corey James and HIISAK ‘The Underground’

Roland Clark, whose vocals are featured on the song, contributed to the project

Steve Angello
Steve Angello

The most anticipated classic house song of the year, “The Underground (House of God) – Steve Angello Edit“, is due to arrive on October 13th, promising an immersive experience that is both nostalgic and completely modern.

The music is a wonderful collaboration between Corey James and HIISAK, Steve Angello, and the legendary Roland Clark, who lends his vocals to the masterpiece.

This performance combines the undying spirit of traditional dance music, merging with current production refinement, and breathes fresh life into the legendary UK song “House of God,” initially released in 1990. Steve Angello adds his trademark touch, effectively bridging the ages, seamlessly mixing the vintage and the present, creating what is sure to be an iconic hymn for centuries.

The single left impressive footprints on the global stage on its way to its official release, getting a respectful debut during Swedish House Mafia’s closing set at Ultra Miami 2023.

This epic debut was only the beginning, as it struck a deep chord in the hearts of spectators at prominent venues including Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Brazil, Creamfields, and others, highlighting its eternal appeal and fascinating character.

The Underground (House of God)” stands as a monument to SIZE Records‘ rich tradition and bright future, promising an uncompromising spirit and a willingness to write new chapters in the annals of electronic music history.

Witness the resurrection of a classic house with a track that not only captures the essence of a golden age but also embodies a vision for the future, fusing rich histories and vibrant futures into a complex tapestry of sound that is both familiar and exhilaratingly new.