Steve Angello’s SIZE continues to push forward with 2 new songs

New Kommando single "SINGER IDIOT" ignites clubs and Electronic Pioneer Idrissi Releases “Castlemorton”

Steve Angello’s SIZE Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. After having released a compilation containing all of SIZE’s past releases, the label moved forward with new music.

SIZE teamed up with the legendary music festival Tomorrowland bringing the celebration to the real stage. They also collaborated with Tomorrowland Music releasing a series of remixes of SIZE’s classics.

Kommando and Idrissi land on SIZE Records with two new singles

In the last few months SIZE Records also brought on board new up-and-coming artists. This is what’s happening right there with Kommando and Idrissi presenting two brand new releases: Singer Idiot and Castlemorton.

size records legacy logo
SIZE Records legacy logo

SIZE Records welcome back Kommando with Singer Idiot

Kommando has released his electrifying new track “SINGER IDIOT,” out now on the acclaimed SIZE Records. This release not only highlights Kommando’s limitless musical innovation but also the evolution of his dynamic persona. Kommando, is a colorful rebel ready to start the party with a blend of dance and tech house.

SINGER IDIOT” transports listeners to the center of a public movement, when Kommando takes the stage among the mayhem.

As the song progresses, the tumultuous audience changes into a joyful celebration, reflecting the artist’s power to transform discord into harmony, a metaphor that extends beyond the music to the artist’s greater message.

I’m having fun developing my character in terms of music and identity. In ‘SINGER IDIOT,’ I imagined a scene in which the Kommando persona takes the stage and orchestrates a massive party, singing a song that connects with the electric atmosphere of resistance. – Kommando

The release comes on the heels of Kommando‘s incredible performances on global venues like Illuzion Phuket (#13 Club in the World), Elrow, and alongside industry legend Fatboy Slim.

His previous single, “DANCE BABY DANCE,” released under the famous umbrella of SIZE Records in association with Tomorrowland Music, reflected his developing artistic trajectory, receiving critical acclaim and radio success.

Idrissi returns to SIZE with Castlemorton

A sound that transcends geographical and genre barriers arises from Morocco’s rhythmic heart. Idrissi, an electronic artist, is set to release his intriguing new track “Castlemorton“.

Idrissi has been a sound pathfinder since his debut in 2010, with a musical voyage that began amid the throbbing beats of dance music titans like Ed Banger, Size Records, and Axtone.

The origins of “Castlemorton” are as unusual as the artist himself. A rain-soaked night kindled a frenzy in Idrissi, driving him into a maelstrom of invention after a prolonged writer’s block.

The end product is a composition that embodies the artist’s signatures of surprising drum rhythms, distorted basslines, and a narrative steeped profoundly in a nature-inspired atmosphere.

Idrissi’s distinct sound is defined by unexpected sounds, ecstatic melodies, and distorted basslines.

His commitment to breaking the mold is clear as he delves into the depths of electronic music, crossing genre borders and creating a sound that is completely his.

Castlemorton” stands as a beacon of Idrissi’s musical inventiveness, poised to echo across dance floors worldwide as he starts on this exciting new phase.