Still Young remix Steve Angello’s ‘Rejoice’

steve angello human
Darkness rises in the central part of "HUMAN". Picture: Hannes Söderlund

Steve Angello‘s iconic song Rejoicepart of the HUMAN album, just received a new remix from Still Young. This new version comes 6 years after the original release.

The new remix which features the mysterious Canadian duo Still Young, features the impassioned vocals of T.D. Jakes. This remix re-energizes Steve Angello’s original masterpiece with a fresh, bass house interpretation by Still Young.

This is not the first time we heard the remix. Back at Tomorrowland Winter 2023, Steve Angello premiered the remix and fans went instantly wild. Rejoice is a transformative piece that seamlessly blends electronic music with motivational oratory. Angello’s collaboration with T.D. Jakes broke barriers, intertwining spirituality with the kinetic energy of dance music. Still Young’s remix pays homage to this fusion while steering the track into the realm of bass house. The core hasn’t been changed tho. The song remains a potent force on dance floors around the globe.

‘Rejoice’ has always been about uplifting spirits and merging worlds. Still Young has taken this vision and amplified it, ensuring the message and the music continue to inspire and energize listeners in a whole new way. – Steve Angello

This remix of Rejoice embodies the spirit of innovation that SIZE Records is surfing. This new remix is part of a new journey on which SIZE Records embarked last year with the celebration of the XX anniversary.