AN21 presents new EP ’21:21′ on SIZE Records

'21:21' is the Culminations of AN21's Musical Journey

AN21 Steve Angello
AN21 Steve Angello

AN21 has announced the release of his next EP, “21:21,” released on December 15th on SIZE Records. This EP is a watershed moment in AN21’s career, encapsulating a profound psychological and artistic journey. The

21:21” is a story that weaves together the threads of AN21‘s life events. Reflecting on an inspiring few years, AN21 has integrated his growth, struggles, and successes into the EP’s very fabric. This compilation of Melodic House, Afro House, and Electronica not only showcases his vast musical talent but also represents his growth as an artist and individual.

In ’21:21′, I’ve revisited the key moments that shaped my musical identity. This EP is a blend of my past inspirations with my current passions. It’s a journey through the music that made me and the experiences that have defined me. – AN21

Every song on “21:21” exemplifies AN21’s extraordinary musical ability, culminating in the highlight single “Into Dust,” which was co-created with Ali Bakgor. This track exemplifies AN21’s deft blending of genres, establishing a new standard in the Melodic Techno realm.

21:21” also represents AN21’s energizing return to the music industry, capping off a period of meditation that began in 2022. This EP not only signifies his rebirth but also signals the end of his current artistic journey, displaying a reinvigorated vision and artistic integrity. More than just a collection of songs, “21:21” is a sign of his artistic rebirth and a foreshadowing of the thrill and possibilities that await AN21.

21:21” serves as a reminder of AN21’s journey thus far and a promise of the creativity yet to come as he prepares to start on the next part of his career. AN21’s new album encourages listeners to join him in his ongoing journey of transformation, resilience, and the unrelenting power of music.