Woo York join Watergate Records with debut EP ‘Samum’

Woo York
Woo York

With their beautiful debut release, “Samum EP,” Ukrainian duo Woo York join the label after making a number of arresting appearances at Berlin’s legendary Watergate. This potent album, which showcases their enthusiasm for creativity and exploration, amplifies their watertight reputation for creating amazing works.

The Watergate Records first single from Woo York is captivating. The team’s creative conflict erupted when they made the decision to experiment with real sounds in order to provide their audiences with unique feelings. The title track starts out as a chugging, key-heavy cut before a stirring, folky melody emerges with a lovely purpose. The pair uses the emotive Irish bagpipes to add an almost house-like touch to the mix by swapping out the synthetic for the natural. A driving kick and the seductive harmonies of electronic and musical notes combine to create an ambient yet club-ready track.

Another example of their passion for uniqueness can be found in the second track, which bears the name of the Prophet 12 synthesizer utilized in its creation. This work highlights a peculiar auditory texture that is specific to the duo’s melodic signature. It is characterized by unusual rhythmic sparks of elemental beats, hauntingly fascinating vocals, and an entrancingly emotional synth line. For the Sounds of Chernobyl project, “Prophet” was already seen live by the performers at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, along with a noteworthy 3D alternate reality of the city.

We love to experiment with our sound, because we always want to offer the listener something new. We’re always excited to see the crowd’s reaction, it’s great when we can surprise them. – Woo York

The package comes with two potent remixes of “Samum.” The first is a classic interpretation by fellow Ukrainian producer and live performer 8Kays. She keeps the spirit of the song while adding her own dismal touch, including entrancing dark refrains and aerial allusions that highlight her crowd-control prowess.

At the same time, Greek artist Echonomist creates a rich and complex version of the song, enhancing it with seductive rhythms and mellifluous sirens that make it the perfect choice for a dance floor.

Woo York Samum EP is out now via Watergate Records.

About The Artist: Woo York

The Kiev-based duo Woo York has gone a long way since their career began in 2009—from being hometown favorites to an internationally renowned live act with their own distinctive sound. They are expanding their global audience while also improving their live presentation and experimenting with studio productions. In addition to their critically acclaimed 2018 album “Chasing the Dream,” which was released on the label Afterlife, they have notable releases on Life And Death, Soma, Dystopian, and Drumcode.

They now join Watergate Records with the jaw-dropping EP “Somum.” Acid leads, euphoric atmospheres, and dynamic and experimental techno components are all combined in Woo York’s improvisational, hardware-based live act. They produce a sound that is genuinely unique in today’s techno scene—powerful, driving, dark, and refined. They currently perform at many of the most prestigious events in the globe as part of their tour schedule, and they don’t appear to be slowing down.