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Interview with Carl Bee: From Malta to the world as DJ, producer and party organizer

We had the incredible opportunity to sit down and chat for an interview with Carl Bee, a dynamic DJ, producer, and  party organizer hailing from the beautiful island of Malta. With his undeniable talent and unmatched work ethic, Carl Bee has risen to worldwide acclaim, earning a reputation as one of the most naturally gifted artists in the industry.

He has also just released, Tunnel. “Tunnel” was made with a focus based on a simple groove, driving bassline and a main percussive element that

As we delved into our interview with Carl Bee, we discovered the driving force behind his success, his creative process, and his plans for the future. Join us as we uncover the fascinating journey of this rising star in the DJ and producer scene.

Our interview with Carl Bee

Can you tell us about your journey as a DJ and producer, and how you got started in the music industry?

I started at a young age, it was quite a natural move for me since my father used to be a DJ with a mobile disco equipped with normal turntables and all and also my cousin used to DJ in some popular clubs around the island so my cousin taught me how to DJ when I was 14/15 years old.

So I grew up listening to music all the time and by seeing my cousin in electronic music, buying vinyl, and following certain artists, I felt that natural interest in the scene to know more. Then around 2006, I started to make my own music. I had no clue how it works, took some audio engineering lessons, and eventually got a part-time diploma for it. Slowly but surely, here I am today being the DJ, Producer full time.

With such a diverse range of genres under your belt, how do you approach blending different styles in your DJ sets and productions?

I always try to keep my “signature groove”, both in my production and my DJ sets. I guess the musical knowledge I gained throughout this journey and because I’ve been doing it for many years reflects the different tastes and genres that I listened to over the years. Especially as a DJ, I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into one specific genre as it all depends on the situation you are in at that time, depends set time, environment, place, people, and all this, However, I always try to keep my “signature” in all situations and I do my best to be different.

You’ve collaborated with notable artists like Sandy Rivera (Kings Of Tomorrow) and produced remixes for Apexape and Wally Lopez. How do these collaborative experiences contribute to your creative process?

Working with Artists like the ones mentioned is always a learning curve. You get to inspire yourself in a different manner. On the collaboration with Sandy Rivera (Kings Of Tomorrow), I felt that extra pressure being an Original track together and considering the number of huge house classics he made literally speaks for itself. I learned a lot from Sandy, I still ask him for feedback on anything music related to this day since we kept a very good friendship, he is definitely one of the best producers of all time.

The Apexape remix was one of the first remixes I’ve done. That came around after I had some releases on CR2 Records and Mark Brown who is the owner of the label, asked me if I’m down to remix them and it was a straight yes even because I had loved the original mix when I heard it. This remix was also my first time to have my music featured on BBC Radio 1 by Pete Tong on his show. Happy that it’s still doing well on major streaming platforms to date

The Wally Lopez remix is actually the latest remix I’ve done, It’s quite fresh so it defines more of a refined current sound on both the original remix and the Stripped Back Dub. Again, remixing another Artist who has made a lot of club hits was quite an honor and a challenging process. I really enjoyed doing this remix and it worked pretty well. I ended up doing 2 versions and the “Stripped Back Dub” was the one picked by Bart Skills and Weska for their Drumcode Spotify Playlist.

How did it feel to have your track “Procomber” selected as part of the first-ever V/A series on Joris Voorn’s Spectrum Records?

Having music on a label like Spectrum always feel special, It’s one of the best record labels out there for sure. My first release with Joris’ label was with my track “Pacer” on Green and since then I kept sending him music constantly and frequently. I’m very happy that “Procomber” got included in their first VA.

It definitely opened some doors as now I am finalizing an EP for Spectrum that should be out very soon. I’m always thankful for the support I get from Joris for playing a lot of my music. He as well taught me a lot on the technical side of music production so it’s overwhelming to have my music picked and accepted by Him & Edwin.

Can you share the creative process behind “Procomber” and how it fits within the forward-thinking and fresh concept of Spectrum’s compilation?

My approach to making this track was to have some live drums and rolling percussions in the groove. So I started to play around and chop some percussion samples and arranged them to follow the bass groove I created with the Moog DFam and Moog Mother 32 … I wanted the percussion to follow that drive on top.

The project has a lot of detail and single shots of drums which it took me some time to finish but in the end, it came out to be, in my opinion, one of the best tracks I ever produced till now. “Procomber” is a different and very crossover track, it can be played in a house set, techno set, melodic set, and everything in between and that is what makes it stand out and makes the cut into the Spectrum Compilation.

As the owner and co-founder of GRINGOS, a prominent event brand in Malta, what inspired you to start your own event series and what are your goals for its future?

I started to organize my own events around 2006 / 2007.

The reason behind it is not because I wanted to be a promoter but since I was having a good following for my gigs locally in Malta, I felt that I should start headlining some shows myself to be able to play longer than 1 hour or 2-hour DJ sets. So I started my own small events in around 400 capacity venues 2 / 3 times a year; eventually, these events grew in numbers and that is when I started GRINGOS as a weekly club night every Sunday for 16 weeks in Summer 2011.

We started with a very strong local market and mostly DJ lineups based on local DJs and residents but throughout the years we started hosting some big international names in the scene. Fast forward to date.

GRINGOS now hosts the biggest Artists in House and Techno at UNO. Over the years we had Artists like Marco Carola, Joris Voon, ARTBAT, Kolsch, Joseph Capriati, Dubfire, Martinez Brothers, Deborah De Luca, Camelphat, Sam Paganini, Ilario Alicante, and many many more.

This year we have Cassian & Anfisa Letyago doing their GRINGOS debut. Last year we started to have some International collaborations. with the guys from With Love in Catania at AfroBar where we had Joseph Capriati and this year we are doing it again on the 26th of August with Jamie Jones and the same venue in Catania, AfroBar. Our vision is to continue tapping into more International markets and make Gringos an International Brand.

Could you share some memorable moments or highlights from your performances at festivals or renowned venues around the world?

There are many memories that when I look back I consider special moments, All the unplanned B2Bs with Djs like Joris Voorn, Nic Fanciulli & James Zabiela.

I did a lot of warm-up sets for huge artists, the ones that definitely stand out are the Warm Up I did for Moby in concert and for Pete Tong Classics with The Heritage Orchestra by Jules Buckley. This was special in many ways because it was the first full-scale event/concert in Malta after the pandemic. The first time I played at Mambo in Ibiza considering how legendary that place is and of course, I can’t forget the first time I played at Amnesia. Again, I have a lot of amazing memorable moments which makes it impossible to write them all here but these mentioned are for sure career moments that live with me forever

Malta has been gaining recognition as a vibrant hub for electronic music. How has being based in Malta influenced your career and musical journey?

Malta is an amazing place, with perfect weather, good food, friendly people, rich history, and incredible locations.

For the past years, Malta has become and considered a party or festival destination which for DJs like me who are born and raised on the island is something that we’ve always wanted or dreamed of when we started.

Ibiza is a perfect example, you get the biggest DJs in the world performing there every day, and that gives also a good spotlight for local DJs and residents to make a living out of the job they like because most venues operate every day.

In Malta, we are heading in the right direction. Looking back we didn’t have these types of festivals and international club nights going on on a regular basis, nowadays it became the norm and for many international organizers and promoters who work in Malta, it is their current favorite destination.

This inspires me in so many different ways, I get to meet a lot of people from around the world, playing in a lot of festivals with 90% of the crowd being festival goers who came to just party in Malta. It feels good to finally see the Maltese scene grow into an international one as more opportunities will follow in the years to come

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced throughout your career, and how have you overcome them?

Had a lot of challenges over the years, by doing it for many years you get to face changes in the scene which is normal in a way like every other job.

As a promoter and event organizer, one specifically is the change of cycles the scene brings, the change of generations coming in and out, and trying to adapt and understand what the client wants and where trends are shifting.

As for a DJ and Producer perspective, one main challenge I still face to date is the rejections, being from labels and shows, some people at first might not believe what you believe or see what you see so I have found and still find some obstacles like this along the way.

Patience is key and so are perseverance, consistency, and belief. These mentioned help me overcome any challenge along the way.

Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited about?

In terms of upcoming releases, I’m working on a special rework which will come out later this Summer. The EP on Spectrum is also coming soon. I did an Album under another Alias name with more downtempo, chill-out, breakbeat music. Will give more info soon about this project.

And I have some other confirmed releases which I can’t say much about them at the moment 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, I’m excited to collaborate for the second time in a row with the guys from “With Love” in Catania for an international appearance with GRINGOS hosting Jamie Jones on the 26th of August.

How do you stay motivated and inspired creatively, especially during times when the industry or personal circumstances may present obstacles?

I try to find a balance as when I’m not inspired and finding it difficult to be, I just call it a day or do something else, like watching tutorials, preparing some content or doing the promoter job spending some time working on some social media content if an event is coming up.

Sometimes even go out and take some sun. I always try to start the day with some exercise or sports, most of the time when I go to the studio after exercising, I’ll have a fresh mindset and start the day the right way, I find that very helpful.

I keep space and time for personal and normal life every day, this for sure keeps me in a good balance of motivation.

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals and aspirations as an artist?

I’m always thriving to reach higher goals, I want to travel more and experience more of the scene. I’m every day hungry and excited about new things so I’m very much looking forward to seeing where the music will take me next.

As we look to the future, it is clear that Carl Bee‘s journey is far from over. His passion for music and tireless work ethic will undoubtedly propel him to new heights, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and groundbreaking productions.

We extend our gratitude to Carl Bee for sharing his insights and experiences with us, offering a glimpse into the life of a rising star in the DJ and producer scene. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this extraordinary artist, as he continues to push boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the industry.