Basti Grub

Let’s Talk About Basti Grub

Crafting Uncompromising Soundscapes – A Glimpse into the Musical Journey

Electronic music artist Basti Grub defies convention.

Basti’s music reflects his relentless pursuit of innovation and disdain for industry fads.

His music is sometimes called a genre fusion, combining reggae with minimal techno. His song vividly depicts his ever-changing soul existence and emotions.

This interview covers his musical path, early musical experiences, and inspirations that shaped his sound.

In this interview, Basti Grub discusses his music production style, his preference for digital and analog processes, and how he writes new songs in the studio.

Join us on a journey within Basti Grub’s head, where genre fusion and undying passion for music collide to produce something absolutely amazing.

Basti Grub: the interview

Your music is often described as uncompromising and unique. Can you share the philosophy or approach that guides your sound and production style?

Hey Groove Cartel team! Phuuu, that’s hard to say, I think it just happens when you make music with passion. I would describe my approach as intuitive, my music transports emotions, moods or ideas that are in my head or heart in that very moment when I am working on a track. So, I guess you could say that my philosophy is to be open minded and to fully surrender to the present.

You have a diverse range of influences, from reggae to minimal techno. How do these diverse influences shape your music?

As mentioned before, my music reflects my emotional state. My taste in music is very diverse and different types of musical influences go along with how I feel. The different styles of music shape my music to the extent that they represent a kind of documentation of my soul life.

Can you tell us about your early experiences with music and how they led to your career as a DJ and producer?

Music was an integral part of my everyday life from a young age, I would record my favourite radio shows to analyze them after. When I was eight years old I started to learn piano and for my thirteenth birthday I got my first drum computer. That was an absolute highlight and certainly paved the way.

Brian Sanhaji played a significant role in supporting your experimentation and helping you find your own sound. Can you share more about your creative collaboration and mentorship with him?

Brian is now a longtime friend and definitely a mentor. Although we have very different tastes in music, he still fueled my interest in sound design and mastering. He is a perfectionistic and pays attention to detail, which I appreciate. I hope he doesn’t take offense when I call him that, but he’s a total sound nerd, just like me, and that’s what connects us.

You founded your own imprint, Höhenregler, and later Geregelt. What motivated you to start your own labels, and how do they reflect your artistic vision?

Yes, I do most of it myself. But I have been getting a lot of support or helpful advice from friends over the years.

Do you manage directly the label’s business? What are the challenges you faced and how it helped with your work as DJ/producers and vice versa?

I am a very sensitive person, sensitive to my surroundings at times it can be challenging to not let that interfere with my creative process.

Your debut album, “Das Dschungel Orchester,” was a significant milestone in your career. Can you tell us about the creative process behind that album?

The record Das Dschungel Orchester was created during a safari trip in Kenya. This experience inspired me a lot and I recorded many musicians on the trip and also collaborated with some for the album.

You’ve released music on various well-known labels like Cocoon, Desolat, and Crosstown Rebels. How do you adapt your sound to fit the different labels while maintaining your unique style?

I don’t adjust my sound. I think the secret is, as I described before, that I make music from the heart and you can feel that in my productions. I think that’s what the labels, DJs and listeners like about my music.

You’ve released music on Innervisions and Crosstown Rebels, two highly respected labels in the electronic music scene. How did these collaborations come about, and what do they represent in your artistic journey?

I noticed that artists like Dixon and Damian were playing my music and then I asked them if I could send them something for their label. It has helped me a lot in my career to release on such labels as they already have a lot of influence in the scene and of course a very wide reach. I am grateful for every release.

Are you a more digital or analog guy?

Hard to say, I work with analog devices as well as plug-ins which I would say is a good mix.

How is a tune born in the studio? Or outside the studio if ever happened?

My way of working is always the same I look for something special in my songs, it could be a melody or a vocal and then I build on that. I now know exactly how to get to my destination and as soon as I find that certain something I already have the entire song in my head, which I then just have to put together 🙂

Can you tell us about your recent projects and what fans can expect from you in the near future?

A lot of new music coming soon and if the Grammy committee finally accepts one of my fruit baskets hopefully an award. 😉

What can we expect next: Basti Grub

Basti Grub is a dedicated musician who embraces the ever-changing electronic music world while staying faithful to his approach.

This chat allowed us to see into the thoughts of an artist who follows his heart and makes personal and worldwide music.

As this examination of Basti’s musical path concludes, his drive for invention and refusal to follow fads have been important to his success.

The future holds new music and even more. Basti Grub’s journey is continual, and we can’t wait to hear his uncompromising and distinct sound next.

Stay tuned for more from this amazing musician as he pushes electronic music frontiers.