Saint Punk returns on Armada Music with ‘Ghost Blood’

‘Ghost Blood’ marks the fourth single of his upcoming album and, with it, Saint Punk has decided to follow a different path from the previous releases

Saint Punk
Saint Punk

Having debuted on Armada back in 2019, Saint Punk returns on the iconic label with a new crazy single called Ghost Blood.

Saint Punk and MXMS collaborate on “Ghost Blood,” a chilling and frightening new tune with deep and powerful bass impacts and otherworldly voices. “Ghost Blood,” the fourth single from his next album, follows a different path, focusing on the smooth balance and harmony of cooled voices and more relaxed bass. This tune is a different stride in an awesome direction, demonstrating Saint Punk’s versatility.

The beginning of “Ghost Blood” immediately draws the listener in with distorted sounds that wave back and forth before introducing MXMS’ vocals with powerful lyrical about mental health, sadness, and sorrow. “Ghost Blood” tells the story of two extremely close friends who are going through a difficult time. One is losing interest in continuing; the other is unsure what she can do to assist but is giving it her all. The song serves as a voyage and exploration of what music and story may accomplish.

The artist

Saint Punk, who was born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, began his musical career in the rock world before moving on to the dance music scene in 2018. His music is colorful, full of energy, and packs a big punch, focusing on bass-heavy electronic productions combined with gritty rock and hip hop influences.

Saint Punk honed his abilities making demos for the rock band he fronted to eventually producing on his own with years of expertise both on and off the stage. He not only concentrated on music, but also explored all parts of the industry, including music videos, photography, and graphic design, transforming himself into a multi-faceted and highly gifted artist.

Stream and download Saint Punk’s latest release Ghost Blood here, out now via Armada Music.