Holly North presents “Ocellus” from upcoming album

Holly North
Holly North

Holly North’s “Ocellus” uniquely blends electronic beats and classical elements, showcasing his diverse musical roots. His upcoming album, “No City, No Sea,” promises an innovative audio journey, weaving ambiguous melodic stories that resonate on a profound, emotive level.

Ocellus” is a mix of different styles, with a driving electronic beat and haunting classical parts. Holly North does a great job of putting them together. His past as a cellist gives the track new depth. He breaks all the rules that were thought to be in place. It doesn’t sound out of place at all. The shifting beats make this a really energizing listen and an exciting addition to any event.

This is the first song from Holly North’s new album No City, No Sea. It will come out on Christian Loffler‘s Ki Records on January 26.

Holly North from the Baltic to New York and Ki Records

Growing up, Holly North was surrounded by music. He was born on the Baltic coast into a family of singers. He was told to learn the cello when he was seven years old. Later, when he was older, he moved on to the piano and the electric bass. In addition to learning singing as a child, he also learned about politics.

He says that living in Greifswald made him politically and socially aware at a young age. During his time in New York, he became familiar with the electronic music scene. He quickly made a name for himself with a series of successful releases. In 2021 he released his single “Youth,” which got almost a million streams on Spotify alone. This comes before joining Christian Loffler‘s Ki Records this year.

When he makes music, his motto is simple: “Always different and always new!“. This way of thinking balances exciting new ideas with just the right amount of calm.

Holly North loves to use his wide range of musical influences when he mixes acoustic and computer sounds to make deeply melodic sounds.

Holly North has put together “ambiguous melodic reminiscences of almost forgotten notes” on his new record, No City, No Sea.

Each piece tells a simple story to show an important idea in a more profound way. This means that the stories can be interpreted in different ways. Each person should take from them what they need at that time.

Each track shows a different side of his skill and is meant to be a part of an interesting audio project. “What you’re hearing is a trip through different colors, a story about feelings and thoughts that were always too hard to explain and too simple to forget.