Christian Löffler teams up with Johannes Brecht for ‘Ease’ remix

Christian Löffler
Christian Löffler

Johannes Brecht’s remix of “Easeinjects high energy and hypnotic vibes, showcasing his fusion of techno, ambient, and house. It reflects Loffler‘s shift towards human emotion in “A Life,” symbolizing a departure from technology-dominated music towards a celebration of raw human experience and spontaneity.

After the song “Ease” came out, Christian Loffler is back with another great track. This time, he asked Johannes Brecht, a German electronica artist and multi-instrumentalist, to make a remix of the track. This version of the motivational song called “Ease (Johannes Brecht Remix),” turns it into a high-energy and hypnotic experience. The remix is coming out on Ki Records.

Johannes Brecht is well-known for his work on Diynamic, the well-known German underground electronic music label that Solomun and Adriano Trolio helped to start. He shows off his skill at mixing techno, ambient, and house on “Ease (Johannes Brecht Remix).” Brecht has made a full-bodied and creative version of “Ease” that pays homage to the original and shows his own style.

Johannes Brecht has often avoided the easy way to do things. He was always interested in the craft and skill that went into making music. Most of the time, he uses real instruments instead of clips in his productions. He wants his tracks to have the authenticity and energy of a jazz band, whether they are dancefloor-ready or experimental. As the years have gone by, his honesty has led to a wide range of music that is both universal and easy to connect with.

Inspired by the original’s bassline, I reharmonized it, shifting from major to minor for a new vibe. It was a great pleasure to work on the track, and I’m very happy with how it turned out – Johannes Brecht

Christian Löffler - Ease (Johannes Brecht Remix)

The remix is another important step toward Christian Loffler’s new album “A Life“. It will be out on April 26th and shift the focus of art away from technology and AI and toward human feelings at a time when technology and AI are taking over. ‘A Life‘ draws inspiration from his hometown of Graal on the Baltic coast.

With the new album, I wanted to free myself completely from all possible structures or rules. I was coming back to my roots and my teenage times when creating the music was all about having fun and nothing more – Löffler

This is evident in every track, from the collaborations with vocalists Mogli and Malou to the solo pieces where Löffler consistently delivers without fail. By celebrating impulsiveness, making mistakes, and living life to the fullest, the album manifests as an ode to humanity. It inspires listeners to embrace the entirety of the human experience.