Fejká presents ’Hiraeth Remixes’


Fejká‘s gorgeously textured piece “Shades of You” features Henry Green‘s soothing voice.

Perhaps the richness of the original, which allows the listener’s mind to roam, inspired this wildly different – but similarly joyful – remake.

Tim Engelhardt, one of Cologne’s newest and brightest electronic music talents on the rise, for example, provides Henry Green’s delicate and intimate vocals a considerably more minimal backdrop in his remake.

Instead of the original’s synth-coated melodies, the listener is treated to an excellent breakbeat structure that provides the music a completely new interpretation and a far punchier vibe.

Fejká, a German artist, has become the most accomplished, creating music that reflects the indescribable. Fejká’s sound has become recognized for crossing the line between melancholy and exhilaration, resulting in a unique portrayal of feelings rarely heard on the dancefloor.

Nowhere is this aptitude more clear than on his last album, aptly named ‘Hiraeth’. The record continues to reveal new meanings and musical translations even a year after its debut. “Hiraeth Remixes” is a collection of nine remixes of Fejká’s original tunes by fellow musicians and friends.

“Hiraeth Remixes” has remixes by Tim Engelhardt, AFFKT, Tor, Rohne, Niklas Paschburg, Teho, Lake Turner, Arutani, and Avem, among others.