Christian Löffler releases new single ‘Ease’ ahead of upcoming album

Christian Löffler in a theater for his album tour
Christian Löffler in a theater for his album tour

The German artist Christian Löffler releases his new song “Ease“. The song is an inspiring anthem that tells people to face their fears and take the first step.

The track “Ease” is meant to be understood as motivation to get up and just do it, even though it can often be a struggle. It is easy to lose sight of our goals in everyday life; we have many things that need to be done, and each on its own may not be difficult, but collectively, it can be overwhelming. “Ease” is also a reminder to myself to get up and start – taking the first step is crucial, no matter how small it may be – Löffler

Ease” is a must-listen because it shows off Loffler’s unique artistic vision with its mix of techno, atmospheric, and house sounds.

Ease‘ is the lead single from the upcoming album, ‘A Life‘, out in April 2024 via Ki Records

The song gives us a sneak peek at Christian Löffler‘s much-anticipated album “A Life.” The album is due out this year on his Ki Records. It will be about the future of electronic music in a world dominated by technology while still embracing human feelings.

Since he was in his early teens, Christian Löffler has used art to show how he feels. He has moved from painting to music, drawing on the rough beauty and isolation of his hometown, Graal, as motivation.

Loffler’s artistic journey led him to make “A Life,” a project where he works with other artists.

The other song extracted from Christian Löffler upcoming album

On “Envy,” he mixes dreamy electronics with unsettling vocals. On “Roused,” the already-released single with singer Malou, he softens driving beats for an emotionally charged track. The record shows how well Christian Löffler can combine his own sound with the sounds of the people he works with.

This record is all about working together, trusting your own instincts, and finding balance. It’s also where Loffler shows his happier side, giving listeners hope and optimism for the future. The record is a celebration of all the good and bad things that happen to people.

I wanted to forget the idea of polishing or perfection and really just make something very human, with passion, impulsiveness and even mistakes – Christian Löffler

Loffler’s dedication to being true to himself and his creative drive is clear in both his music and his personality. It’s what makes him the famous artist he is today.

Christian Löffler’s latest song, “Ease,” serves as an inspiring anthem urging listeners to face fears and take the first step. The track is a glimpse into his upcoming album, “A Life,” exploring the future of electronic music in a tech-driven world while embracing human emotions and collaboration with other artists. “A Life” reflects Löffler’s dedication to authenticity and celebrates the highs and lows of the human experience.

Christian Löffler - Ease