Matteo Milleri as Anyma
Matteo Milleri as Anyma

Anyma Drops Surprise Remix for “Black Dress” by 070 Shake

In a surprising twist, Anyma, Matteo Milleri‘s solo project, dropped an unexpected remix for “Black Dress” by 070 Shake.

The Black Dress Anyma remix came out of nowhere, leaving fans and the music community in awe.

Just two weeks ago, during his set at the renowned Afterlife event in Los Angeles, Anyma unleashed his unique vision of the track, making Black Dress Anyma remix a highlight of the night.

Matteo Milleri’s Anyma remixes 070 Shake Black Dress

The Anyma remix of “Black Dress” commences with a captivating and progressive melodic piano-plucked main theme.

This sets the stage for the distinctive Anyma sound, a style we’ve come to love from his previous hits like “Eternity.” With this remix, Anyma takes the listener on a mesmerizing journey, transforming the original track with his signature synth-stripped and plucked sound.

Anyma’s reimagining of “Black Dress” is a departure from the original in terms of tempo and style.

070 Shake’s haunting and angelic vocals, a hallmark of the track, remain at the forefront. However, Anyma adds his unique touch by infusing deep and slow-techno percussions, giving the “Black Dress Anyma remix” a more chill and relaxing vibe.

It’s a testament to Anyma’s ability to reinvent and reinterpret music in his distinctive style, breathing new life into the song.

This Anyma remix of “Black Dress is a breath of fresh air in the electronic music scene, showcasing Anyma’s talent and creativity.

Anyma’s remix and what’s coming next

It serves as a reminder that music can still surprise and inspire, even in a world where teasers and announcements often precede new releases. Anyma’s Black Dress remix is a sonic journey that invites listeners to immerse themselves in its dreamlike soundscape.

It’s a testament to Anyma’s ability to push the boundaries of electronic music, all while paying homage to the incredible 070 Shake vocals that make the original track so special.

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