Avicii singles ‘Alive’ and ‘Lethal Drug’ have been leaked

Colorful melodic lines and mesmerizing beats flow into Avicii's incredible single ‘Alive’ and ‘Lethal Drug’

Two of Avicii’s song, Alive feat. Wyclef Jean and Lethal Drug have been leaked online.

Popped up on Reddit and VK (as usual), a YouTube user has also re-upload it on the platform. Like a thunder in the sky, the two records appeared from nowhere, maybe because of a release in the near future?

Starting with Alive feat. Wyclef Jean, the track features the Avicii’s melodic signature sound mixed with chill and downtempo beats and a very intimate vocal. The top piano melody is definitely something else and from this track, you can feel a mix of melancholy and tropical vibes. Superly a masterpiece. The ID is from 2014 and it was never finished but Tim reused the drop melodies in the track Excuse Me Mr Sir included in the album TIM.

Avicii feat. Wyclef Jean - Alive

Lethal Drug instead injects a more pop theme. From the various versions, you’ll find online, some of these have John Martin written as a vocalist and others Coldplay.

In 2009-10 there was a record called Love In A Lethal Dose. At the time it was considered for Coldplay’s 2011 album Mylo Xyloto. Lethal Drug is a revised version by Avicii but it’s more linked to Coldplay’s sound. Tim just added some drums, kicks and did some changes to it. It was most likely revised for Ghost Stories, but they chose A Sky Full of Star instead.

Avicii - Lethal Drug (feat. Chris Martin)

Both of the records are out of this world and we can wait to hear in full effect during Avicii Tribute concert in Stockholm.

Below you can find two fan-made cover art for the records.

The Avicii Tribute Concert will take place in Stockholm at Friends Arena this 5th of December. the event will be live-streamed so, if you can’t make it, you will definitely follow the live stream on our website. New exclusive music will be played during the event so, keep your ears open that, it’s highly likely that Lethal Drug and Alive will be played.