Funkybeat Asters Jupiter

Protocol Recordings present Funkybeat & Asters with Jupiter

Protocol Recordings has always been synonymous with quality. Far from 2012 to today, the label has established itself as a leader in the EDM Industry.

In the last period, Nicky Romero’s imprint label has shifted slightly from progressive house to more funky sounds. As shown by the latest release, Nicky is focusing a lot of young talents. This is the case of Dumbers & Maximals, Tom Tyger and, last but not least, Funkybeat & Asters.

Funkybeat is a producer from Italy. As the name suggest, he specializes in mixing funk a disco stuff to produce fresh and groovy harmonics.

Asters is an Italian duo. For those who remember they have produced in collaboration with Luca Testa ‘Keep On Rocking’.

Funkybeat and Asters have teamed up creating a wonderful tune called ‘Jupiter.’

For your sonic travels this week, look no further than “Jupiter”

This is what reads the description of the track, and we can not but agree.

The unique combination of disco-influenced melodies and funky instrumentals bring you back in time to the parties of the 70s and 80s!

Those are the tracks we like to hear on the big labels.Big congratulations to the Italians Funkybeat and Asters for the amazing tune.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the track here