Just Her returns on Anjunadeep with ‘Beautiful Nothing’ EP

The EP is a deeply personal and carefully crafted study of how the global events of 2020 affected the artist

Just Her
Just Her

Brighton-based Producer & DJ Just Her returns to Anjunadeep with the stunning four-track Beautiful Nothing’ EP (download via this link), released today, 17 February.

Lovely Nothing‘ EP is a profoundly close-to-home and deliberately created investigation of what the worldwide occasions of 2020 meant for Just Her, alongside the collective issues that we have all needed to confront. The EP grandstands Just Her’s great creation abilities, vocal, and variety of melodic range; covering profound, to dancefloor, to more ambient listening. The track’s EP listed according to the time they have been produced, addressing the different phases of feeling we have experienced as a general public and as people over the course of the year, managing the occasions in our own specific manners, while simultaneously supporting one another and becoming aware of the power and importance of community.

Opening with the title track, ‘Beautiful Nothing’, which represents the sudden stillness that enveloped everyone during the first lockdown. The fragile beats are a reminder to try to find beauty in the moment that people found themselves in. ‘We Dance’ was written at a time when there was a hope that people would soon be meeting together again on a dimly lit, sweaty dancefloor. The deep, pulsating beats swirled around Just Her’s hypnotic vocal are a poignant reminder of better times.

As the hope of the dancefloor diminished and the restrictions continued into the summer and beyond, ‘Breathe Out’ was born. In Just Her’s words:

I wanted to make a more meditative and reflective track, with the hope of lifting spirits but at the same time, a reminder to stay calm and just breathe.

Towards the end of the year, after months without gigs and dancefloors for inspiration, Just Her’s production style organically changed to more ambient electronica and so ‘Living For The Daylight’ is the perfect finisher to the EP. Just Her wrote and sung the vocal with the thought in mind that this is almost over, and the daylight or dawn representing that hope for the future.

Just Her’s previous releases on Anjunadeep, ‘The Mirror’ / ‘Love Will Save Us’, ‘Desire’, ‘Caught In The Crossfire’, and the Just Her remix of Ben Bohmer ‘Little Lights’ have been supported by Eli & Fur, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Andhim, Gabriel & Dresden, Dosem, Eelke Klijn, James Grant, amongst others.