Anyma Innellea Angel 1
Anyma Innellea Angel 1

Anyma (Tale of Us) collaborates with Innellea for ‘Angel 1’ single and NFT

Anyma, the brainchild of Tale Of UsMatteo Milleri, returns with a stunning collaboration effort with fellow visionary melodic techno cohort, Innellea, for the latest installment in the Anyma project anthology, ‘Angel 1‘.

Continuing his relationship with Italian SuperRare chief curator Alessio De Vecchi, who is the Anyma project’s visual director, sharing responsibility for the visionary project’s aesthetics with Matteo. Filip Hodas, 3D artist and Anyma’s technical director, also contributes to this NFT release, having previously pioneered the NFT Eva 0 for the release of Anyma’s landmark track ‘Running‘ ft. Meg Myers. Angel 1 sees Berlin-based visual artist Adam Priester join the Anyma NFT guest artist collaborators as well, expanding the project’s network of participating artists.

Slated for release on March 18th, 2022, the latest audio-visual project originally premiered during Tale of Us’ set at the landmark event Afterlife Sao Paulo 2022. Both the song and the visual accompaniment drew the attention of both observers and listeners.

Angel 1‘ is the latest in a series of audio-visual artworks that make up the project’s identity. The single release features the finest in audio engineering innovations exemplified by the production proficiencies that both Anyma and Innellea are known for in their curated musical spaces.

The buyer of the NFT release will receive 50% of the record royalties from Angel 1’s audio streaming and DSP revenue. Kannon Kspect contracts integrate with the original ERC-721 NFT Contract, providing the benefits of no file-size limit for artworks and automatic distribution of music royalties to the NFT owner.

Angel 1‘ is Anyma’s fourth full release in the project’s history, following the two-track ‘Running‘ EP featuring Meg Myers, the three-track EP ‘Claire,’ and the four-track original debut of ‘Sentient.’ Using the vast possibilities of Extended Reality, Anyma creates its own universal language, bringing the artist and the audience closer together and blurring the lines between real and surreal. The result is an interactive space that formulates itself as a journey of discovery, understanding human expressivity and creativity through the analysis of souls and emotions.

Angel 1‘ is Anyma’s first official release of 2022, as well as her first official collaboration with Innellea. It is the collaborative effort of two visionary underground electronic talents, accompanied by a pioneering visualization minted by some of the finest creators in art-driven NFT works.