Mind Against are back to Afterlife with new EP ‘Changes’

Mind Against
Mind Against

Italian globally-renowned duo, Mind Against return on the iconic Afterlife Recordings with a brand 2-track EP, Changes, which includes Closer as a second tune.

Changes EP marks the follow-up of their acclaimed Walking Away EP (more than 3 M streams on Spotify alone) released last year. The title track, Changes keeps the iconic Mind Against signature sound made by long melodic lines and intimate percussive rhythm. Combining vibrant harmonies, shaking synths, and fleeting vocal samples, Mind Against create a delicate electronic piece steeped in otherworldly emotion. Built on an intimate piano base, Changes will guide you through a special journey made by fragile arpeggios and carefully crafted synth-work for an out-of-this-world experience.

On the flip side, Closer digs even deeper into your emotion with delicate soundscapes and fragile percussive beats. The dreamy and angelic piano chords paired with supernatural vocal loops lull your soul to a spiritual journey in space and time.

Changes EP, as the name suggests, takes a bit of a different patch from the previous Mind Against’s composition. The dark and hypnotic percussions evolve, leaving space to more intimate and faithful melodic lines with the industrial and techno-oriented bassline unfold into angelic and vibrating arrangments.

As told before, Mind Against are definitely not new to Tale Of us’ Afterlife Recordings. Having debuted in 2017 with the Solaris EP, the duo is now a regular on the Afterlife’s party lineups as well as on the label’s annual compilations. They have been featured on the very first Realm Of Consiunsess back in 2016 as well as on the latest Unity Vol. I and II.

Drawing from IDM, house and techno, Italy-born, Berlin-based duo Mind Against have previously expressed their emotive, psychedelic sound on labels such as Hotflush or the Life and Death imprint. Their unique DJ sets, often performed in many of the world’s best venues, create a special kind of feeling in the club, at once uplifting, dark, driving and melodic.

Changes EP guarantee Mind Against continue with their streak of releasing captivating dance music on Afterlife. Stream and download the release here or below.