Spencer brown album illusion of perfection
Spencer brown album illusion of perfection
Spencer brown illusion of perfection

Spencer Brown’s debut album “Illusion Of Perfection” is finally available

We talked a lot about Spencer Brown in the past months, as the San Francisco-based producer has made his way up the hierarchies of the progressive and trance scene. Being continuously supported by masters such as Above & Beyond, the American producer has achieved many successes in a relatively short time.

His great productivity in the studio let him assemble a 12-track mix album, a unique – and risky – format in today’s music industry, called “Illusion Of Perfection“.

Listening to this album is a real journey: the music just flows through your speakers and could happen that you get lost for a moment if you’re doing something else at the same time, as every track is perfectly concatenated to the next one. However, this aspect is a strength of every mix album because it shows the care of the producer in assembling it.

Spencer Brown album “Illusion Of Perfection” is finally available worldwide via Anjunabeats.

Spencer Brown’s style is quite recognizable, and this album is the proof of it: some tracks are a bit more melodic and soft, like the opener “The Gardens“, while some are a bit more groovy and dancefloor-oriented, such as “Nightwalk“, but the entire album perfectly reflects Spencer’s style – which is extremely classy. I must highlight some other tracks, such as “waves.wav“, because of its’ delightful sax interlude, and the stunning “Airplane Tekno” as my personal favorites.

With "Illusion Of Perfection" Spencer Brown has shown once again all his potential: we're certainly going to hear about him more in the future.