Axwell’s Axtone Records welcome back Wiwek with “TUCUTU”

This is Axtone's first single in ten months. The release also includes an instrumental mix.

Wiwek TUCUTU Axtone
Wiwek TUCUTU Axtone

Wiwek returns to Axtone with “TUCUTU“, this time with Emy Perez.

The record follows the release of his “Time Machine Drums” EP in 2021.

This is the first single in 10 months Axtone released. The release comes also with an instrumental mix.

After Ultra Europe, Axwell’s Axtone finally released Wiwek’s TUCUTU

TUCUTU” quickly became a standout track in Axwell‘s performances throughout the summer. The Bossman debuted the record at Ultra Europe in Croatia becoming one of the most sought-after IDs of the year.

The artists: Wiwek and Emy Perez

Wiwek has continually pushed sonic frontiers, juggling collaborations with Skrillex, working on his LUSU project with Mike Cervello, and currently working on cinematic music for a feature film planned for release in 2024.

Emy Perez of Venezuala makes her Axtone debut on vocals, having written with and featured on tracks with artists such as KVSH, Beowülf, MWE, and Moksi.

At the beginning of this year Axtone dusted off its side record label It’s Great.

Don’t forget that Wiwek hosting this month’s Axtone House Party. Don’t call it a comeback 😉