Marc Benjamin, Marcus Santoro & David Pietras ‘Losing Focus’ on Axtone

From the progressive house anthem that we were used to hear to a more radio friendly tune, ‘Losing Focus’ seems to have lost its soul

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Axtone’s next release is the long-awaited Marcus Santoro (our interview) and David Pietras‘s collaboration. Named Losing Focus we know now that Marc Benjamin is involved too.

We’ve talked some weeks ago about a post on Axtone’s social profiles teasing new music coming on Axwell’s label in the next few months. Axtone’s announced a “Tomorrowland ID” coming very soon and, as we explained in our previous article, based also on the social activities of Marcus Santoro himself, the most likely candidate to come out would have been his collaboration with Pietras. Things seem to go just like that as our friends over EDM People just posted the cover and 2 minutes and a half preview of the tune.

Marc Benjamin, Marcus Santoro & David Pietras ‘Losing Focus’ Axtone cover
Marc Benjamin, Marcus Santoro & David Pietras ‘Losing Focus’ Axtone cover

First thing first, Marc benjamin has never been mentioned in all this year. Another thing that catches the eye or, in this specific case, the ear is that, at least from the preview, the track sounds completely different. The first disappointment from fans is rapidly coming out during these hours as the tune has been completely transformed from a progressive anthem to a radio-friendly pop track.

No more trace of the wide and catchy progressive main theme or that extensive synth; everything has been replaced by bubbling and, honestly, quite common radio-driven baseline. The main melodic lines have been kept unaltered but the track lacks that massive energy we have heard until now. We really hope that the preview is only one of the few versions planned to come out.

EDIT Marcus Santoro confirmed via Twitter that both versions will be out the same day. The “progressive house” will be an instrumental one.

If you want to hear Marc Benjamin, Marcus Santoro & David Pietras Losing Focus preview you need a VK account here. You can also hear the “festival” version that has been played until now from this link.