Axwell’s Axtone releases two new singles in two weeks

Chocolate Puma & Mike Cervello ‘You Are My Life’ and Sem Thomasson ‘Final Call’ has been released back to back on Axtone last week

The last couple of weeks have seen two big returns on Axwell’s Axtone Records; we are talking about Chocolate Puma & Mike Cervello You Are My Life and Sem Thomasson Final Call.

With the continuous search for freshness and uniqueness, Axtone has welcomed back two big producers (actually three as one is a duo) with two unique tunes.

First thing first, Dutch legendary duo Chocolate Puma has teamed up with Mike Cervello for You Are My Life. If for Chocolate Puma isn’t the first tune released on Axtone, You Are My Life marks Mike Cervello’s debut on the label. The tune brings the iconic house and bass-driven Chocolate Puma signature sound but, this time, in a happier and catchier way. As the duo describes “The track is kind of a re-interpretation of the stuff we did in our Fresh Fruit days. Reminiscent of what was going on in Amsterdam/club Roxy in the early 90’s”. A tune that mixes the duo’s sound with a new Mike Cervello’s musical style but without moving too much from house music.

Listening to the first demo when I drove back home from our studio session, it instantly gave me this ‘timeless’ feel. I’ve always wanted to do a song like this and what better duo to do it with than Chocolate Puma? – Mike Cervello

You Are My Life shows a new side of the Dutch producer, less aggressive and more focused on the groove.

Release around ten days ago, Sem Thomasson feat. Sparre Final Call is the latest drop of Axtone.  After the debut with Grey ZoneSem returns on Axwell’s imprint with a super interesting and original tune. Premiered on his Axtone House party live stream, the tune features a super catchy housy beat packed with melodic-techno inspired synths. Perfectly merging tech and house music elements with sounds that now represent a more underground environment, Sem Thomasson has created an excellent blend of styles.

Both tunes are out now on Axwell’s imprint; you can check them both below or download Chocolate Puma & Mike Cervello You Are My Life and Sem Thomasson Final Call from the respective links.