Exlusive premiere: Stephan Duy remix of Marcus Schossow and Corey James’ ‘Times Goes By’

In the last September came out a big collaboration between Marcus Schossow and Corey James in the form of two tracks EP called ‘Times Goes By EP‘. Besides the title record ‘Times Goes By’ this EP also contains track ‘Tough Love’. Times Goes By then got very nice two remixes from Spanish duo Rux & Bedmar and the second one from the Ukraine producer NekliFF.

Code Red Music presents Stephan Duy remix of Marcus Schossow and Corey James’ ‘Times Goes By’

Now, this record gets its another remix, this time from another young and up-and-coming producer from Sweden Stephan Duy. In his remix, Stephan is keeping the lead and powerful vocal around which he built very powerful, rolling bassline with horn melody you can be familiar with an original version of this record. The remix is going to be out on Friday, June 15th!

We have an exclusive premiere of this remix just for you.

To know more about Stephan himself and the creative process behind his remix we made an interview with this young Swede talent.

  • Hey Stephan, how are you? Can you a bit introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m feeling fine! I’m a 22-year-old Vietnamese born in Sweden. I grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm and I’m currently studying at Stockholm University. I’ve been making music for almost 5 years now trying out various genres.

  • You’ve made a remix on Marcus Schossow and Corey James record ‘Times Goes By’, can you tell us more about this remix? Why you’ve decided to pick up this particular record?

I got to hear the other two official remixes (NekliFF / Adrien Rux & Bedmar) a couple of days before their releases, and one thing that struck me was there wasn’t a remix that could fit in between the two. I felt that the exposure of the original release could benefit from a remix that a DJ could play in a Tech/Deep House set, so I decided to take the key elements from the original and give it a different twist.

  • Did Marcus give you some advice during your work on this remix? And what is your relationship with Marcus and his label?

I actually had to go through a couple of versions before the final version of the remix. The funny thing was the first version of the remix was the one that ended up being the most suited for the task. Marcus didn’t really feel the 3rd version of the remix was very exciting, so I put the remix on hold temporarily to regain my clarity in how I wanted to direct the remix. This also explains why you see my remix being a separate release from the remix package of “Time Goes By” back in 2017.

Marcus is usually a very busy guy, so I don’t hear from him very often. But he’s a very kind-hearted guy and he’s very passionate about his craftsmanship, which I admire him for.

As for my relationship with Code Red, they have very hard-working people on the label who really cares about the material that’s published to the world. Everything from the artwork, to the promo content and of course, the music, has been taken into consideration and that is reflected within every release.

  • What can we expect from you in the near future?

All I can say is that you keep your eyes and ears open on my social media platforms; there is more content coming up in the future!

And this isn’t everything. Because we wanted to cover everything, so we’ve also asked a couple of questions to Marcus Schossow (full interview here).

  • Hey Marcus, how are you? What are you up to these days?

I’m great! I’m currently focused in the studio making loads of new music, I’ve never been as excited as I am right now for this! It’s a fantastic feeling to have inspiration and come up with new ideas!

  • Stephen Duy just made a remix on yours and Corey James’s track ‘Times Goes By’, what do you think about his remix?

Stephan is one of the most talented tech-house producers coming out of Sweden at the moment. We are truly grateful to have him in the Code Red family! Choosing him as a remixer for ‘Time Goes By’ was one of the easiest decisions that I’ve ever done, I’m excited for everyone to discover his talent, he deserves the best!

  • What can we expect from you and your both label Code Red and Code Black in the near future?

We are currently focusing on a very few well-selected talents that we believe in. I think the future for Code Red is in the variation and capability to show the best new sounds out there! My next release ‘Red Lights’ is coming out the 22nd of June, a track together with Grammy-nominated Cape Lion, I’m truly proud of the result and can’t wait to share it with everyone!