KAS:ST & Gordo team up for new track “Leaving Earth” on Cercle Records

KAS:ST & Gordo
KAS:ST & Gordo

Aerial and hypnotic, “Leaving Earth” blends melodic and potent techno. The song features a clever break that is accompanied by Ki’s mesmerizing vocals and co-produced by Gordo, the pseudonym of the popular producer Carnage. The track’s expression of emotion, which veers between melancholy and a certain darkness, is gripping. KAS:ST, who are quite accustomed to the cosmic theme, found inspiration on the Ariane Rocket stage, where they debuted a track at the Cercle Festival 2022. Big room cut “Leaving Earth,” which is excellent, features trance-like synths and rolling drums that create a subtle sense of euphoria.

The futuristic vocal that is buried deep in the mix creates an epic mood and spine-tingling emotions. Each KAS:ST track that is made available is a journey that combines dark and melancholy feelings without ever losing sight of the clubbing element of techno. KAS:ST consistently pushes the boundaries of techno music, fusing it with unusual and avant-garde styles. presenting as a DJ and a live duo on the international electronic circuit. Producing and directing their own music videos they have cumulating over 15 million plays, 30 million Spotify streams, 80k instagram followers, sold out merchandising. They have remixed legends Moby, Monolink and NTO and also been remixed by renowned artists at the polar opposite of the techno sphere, like 999999999 or Tale Of Us. Each time, KAS:ST contributes their own synth-heavy, fashionable, yet emotive take to the genre.

KAS:ST at the Cercle Festival 2022 (Ariane stage)

Months ago, the two acts began exchanging vocals and beats. Everything worked out perfectly for this unique occasion. They spoke with renowned producer Gordo as a result of their desire to collect various facets of the musical prism. Everything worked out perfectly for this unique occasion. One of the very few musicians to ever rule both the hip-hop and dance music charts is Gordo. He recently co-produced half of Drake’s last album which already breaks the most first-day streams for a dance album on Apple Music. Cercle Records is a label that organizes live electronic music performances in person at interesting venues all over the world.

Following breath-taking livestreams, Cercle has begun signing talented artists from around the world to the Cercle Records label. The French label is committed to supporting performers and venues that have outstanding production. Through a distinctive musical journey, Cercle Record seeks to increase public awareness of fine art, cultural heritage sites, and beautiful landscapes. A new idea for the label will debut in 2022: exclusive in-person parties that won’t be streamed. To have the chance to live these special episodes, it is necessary to go on the unique spots finely selected following the Cercle and Cercle Records’ DNA.