Arty / ALPHA 9 talks about his new single ‘The Purpose Is You’ on Anjunabeats

Arty Alpha 9
Arty Alpha 9

On ‘The Purpose Is You,’ out October 20 on Anjunabeats, Russian producer Artem Stolyarov aka Arty / ALPHA 9 pays a touching tribute to his fans and mental health awareness. Stream and Download here.

Artem is one of Anjuna’s brightest stars, whether he’s ARTY or ALPHA 9. In the early 2000s, songs like ‘Around The World,’ ‘Kate,’ ‘Rebound‘ (with Mat Zo), and ‘The Wonder‘ helped define the sound of trance and progressive with a festival edge.

In 2020, his ALPHA 9 project grew in strength, with highlights including the ‘Stellar EP,’ ‘Everywhere I Go,’ and ‘All That I Can.‘ He remixed Above & Beyond and Zo Johnston’s timeless classic “Good For Me,” which was released on Anjunabeats in February 2021.

As Artem explains below, ‘The Purpose Is You‘ is a deeply personal song for him.

It’s hard to find words that would outline the importance of this track to me. I’ve been nurturing this idea for a long time but making a song based on some of your worst life experiences and memories is very tough. Yet, it’s an extremely important subject that needs much more attention and awareness so I want to share it with as many people as possible. Depression and anxiety are real and it’s terrifying.

I went through severe depression myself a few years ago, I saw my friends going through the same struggle and sorely, some of them will never come back. But there was something that gave me a lot of hope and inspiration to make this song. It was messages from my fans, who were sharing the stories of them fighting depression. For some of them, music was the last boundary before they would be gone forever. I wanted to make this record as a reminder to myself and to anyone in need or going through dreadful times in their lives.

Even in the moments when we feel the lowest and we see no reason to go on living, there is always someone or something worth living for. And beyond all, there is always a purpose: the person that you see in the mirror.

ALPHA 9 ‘The Purpose Is You’ is out now on Anjunabeats.