Swedish House Mafia Stockholm show might have been officially recorded

During the stage preparation at Tele2 Arena for the Swedish House Mafia show, a cameramen has been spotted on the stage

Two weeks have gone since the Swedish House Mafia Stockholm show and, in less than 3 days the boys will return in Mexico for another show. SAVE THE WORLD posters have popped up in Mexico City but, another interesting thing surfaced last week.

In a photo of the stage posted afterward the concert, it’s possible to see a guy on the left holding a camera.

The most various hypothesis have spread across the web in the past days but, two are the most plausible.

Swedish House Mafia cameraman Stockholm

The first one is that the entire show has been recorded in full to be released in the future. The second one is that the boys are filming all the step of their reunion tour for a future documentary.

The Swedish House Mafia reunion show in Miami has been live-streamed with a fixed front stage camera but, the Ultra film division has continued to record the set, as happens with every other artist. Besides a couple of clips in the Aftermovie, there are no official footages of the night as in Stockholm.

The Swedish House Mafia have also already released a documentary called Leave the World Behind about their One Last Tour.

If the hypothesis of a documentary at the end of this massive reunion would seem to be plausible, these are only speculations.

Sure thing is that this Saturday, Swedish House Mafia will play in Mexico City at Foro Sol. Tickets still available here.