Nicky Romero drops 2022 summer anthem ‘Easy’ with NIIKO X SWAE

Nicky Romero NIIKO X SWAE
Nicky Romero NIIKO X SWAE

Protocol boss Nicky Romero returns for summer anthem Easy together with NIIKO X SWAE.

A positive and upbeat fusion of pop and dance music, “Easy” by Nicky Romero and American producers NIIKO X SWAE from Los Angeles. The summer anthem is characterized by dynamic melodies and soulful vocals that bring to mind carefree and carefree times that will always be cherished memories. The release follows Romero’s recent “Perception” EP and the launch of his new venture, Protocol Lab, on the tenth anniversary of Protocol Recordings. However, NIIKO X SWAE have just released their single “Save Me” on Armada Music and have previously released music on Revealed, Warner Music, Hexagon, and Thrive Music.

We connected a while back ago, and the guys sent me some music. ‘Easy’ grabbed my attention immediately as it had these very positive vibes, giving me a feeling of happiness. They did amazing work already, but the original demo was a bit slower and needed some more tweaks. I took the stems back to my studio and spent some time on the production, reworking it. After going back and forth a few times with NIIKO X SWAE, ‘Easy’ was done! We just played it together at my Academy show in Los Angeles on June 18, and we can’t wait to give it more spins and see how people react to it. – Nicky Romero

‘Easy’ is an ode to the little things in life, like the laid-back summers we all experienced in our youth. Whether it’s carefree moments with your friends or cherishing a memory for the rest of your life, ‘Easy’ is set to invoke a sense of nostalgia that takes you back to that special place in time. Working with Nicky has been a dream come true for us as he has always been one of our biggest inspirations since the day we started producing music. When we got back his version of ‘Easy,’ we knew we had a summer anthem on our hands, and we’re so excited for the world to hear it. – NIIKO X SWAE

Childhood friends and the LA-based duo NIIKO X SWAE dreamed of breaking new ground in house music while they were still learning how to produce. Today, they are regulars on dance radio. They recently released their debut “Field Trip” EP on Armada Music, and two of the singles were played on radio stations around the world, including Evolution Radio, Sirius XM’s BPM, and Billboard Dance Airplay Chart-topping “I Ain’t Going Home.” Along with their aggressive release schedule, the duo also hosts NXS Radio, a worldwide radio program, on Insomniac Radio.