Acid Asian
Acid Asian

Acid Asian drops new EP ‘Break Into Acid’ on KNTXT’s RPM

It’s the maiden release on the new KNTXT sub-label RPM

The 11th of November sees the release of Acid Asian‘s brand-new EP, “Break Into Acid,” on RPM, a division of Charlotte de Witte‘s KNTXT imprint.

Break Into Acid,’ a three-track release, opens with the title track, a driving, acid-soaked techno cut that immediately establishes the mood. Next up, ‘Distortion Reality’ takes things up another notch, pairing pummelling kicks with 303 madness, before ‘Introspective Acid’, as the title suggests, offers the EP’s most contemplative moments – while losing none of the intensity.

Based in So Paulo In the midst of the pandemic, Acid Asian saw an opportunity to pursue his dream and began this project in 2020. He has influences from trance to the hardest techno, including other genres, such as rap.

The release of the ‘Break Into Acid’ EP on Charlotte’s label is very important to me since it’s thanks to her that I was introduced to techno back in 2018. ‘Break Into Acid’ is a track for which I wanted to create some percussion that combines the break beat with acid lines. For ‘Introspective Acid’, I used two acid lines, and tried to create an introspective melody and some synths on the break on one of them to create more tension to the track. ‘Distortion Reality’ is a ‘heavier’ track that contains some distorted elements and a well-marked acid line. – Acid Asian

A digital-only sub-label of KNTXT, RPM builds momentum around up-and-coming artists and musical styles. This most recent release should give musicians a more flexible platform to release music in order to meet the demand of the constantly changing electronic music scene and increase the creative output of the KNTXT label. It aims to offer a flexible test circuit for producers both emerging or established, to experiment with contemporary sounds, free from the latency in vinyl production.

There was a time in 2020 when we opened up for demo submissions. For one week only, everyone was allowed to send their unreleased material for a potential release on KNTXT. From over about 2000 submissions, Acid Asian immediately caught my attention. Our shared love for 303 brought us together. I’m very excited to support this young, emerging artist from Brazil and I’m excited to see what the future holds for him. – Charlotte de Witte

Break Into Acid, Acid Asian’s debut release on RPM, is the start of a brand-new exciting chapter for both Acid Asian and KNTXT.