Alignment Power EP KNTXT
Alignment Power EP KNTXT

Alignment drops EP “Old School” via KNTXT sub-label RPM

Alignment, whose real name is Francesco Pierfelici and who was born in Italy, has emerged as a significant influence in the world of techno in recent years. The artist currently resides in Barcelona.

His sound is consistently hard and heavy, yet it develops slightly with each new tune. He has wowed us many times in the past on KNTXT, and he will continue to do so.

‘Old School’ is a track created for the dance floor, characterised by a minimal and sharp style with percussion and an almost tribal rhythm that blends with modern hard techno sounds. The track ‘The Sound’ has a more trance vibe, characterised by a melody, a vocal and a drop that will make you dance incessantly! – Alignment

The song “Old School” is a hard-hitting smash. Cutting it close for the most important moment. Techno that will make your eyes water and synths that will electrify every synapse in your body are what you can expect to hear in this mix.

The Sound is illuminated with screeching synth leads and crashing rhythms, which are run through with bright lights from a dystopian future and a sinister vocal that traps you in the present now.

Alignment is back on KNTXT with two insane bangers. Old School has been in my sets all throughout summer and it delivers every single time and The Sound is guiding me through the night with its captivating vocals. I’m very proud to add these two very effective dancefloor tracks to Alignment’s stellar discography. – Charlotte de Witte

The tune is out now via the KNTXT sub-label RPM.