Amazingblaze delivers “Believe” EP on KNTXT

the latest release on Charlotte De Witte's label KNTXT from Amazingblaze who drops his 'Believe' EP - out now!

Amazingblaze Believe, EP cover picture for KNTXT
Amazingblaze Believe, EP cover picture for KNTXT

Amazingblaze returns triumphantly to KNTXT on Thursday 30th November with his “Believe” EP. He continues on the success of his previous releases – the “Can’t Stop” EP earlier this year in January and the “Venture” EP in 2022.

Amazingblaze demonstrates his increasing studio talents, blending his trademark imprint, boasting forceful synths, powerful drums, and enticing rhythms.

He is known for his innovative blend of trance, techno, and hardstyle influences.

Amazingblaze emphasizes the topic of self-belief in his EP, “Believe EP,” in his words:

Believe EP says it itself. All I wanted to say is that you have to believe in yourself.  “This brand new EP contains 4 full-power tracks that definitely goes through your heart. Massive trance synth combined with vocals makes it sound really mysterious and groovy. Hope you enjoy it and believe in yourself.

Each track on “Believe” unfolds in its own distinct way, from the title track’s powerful percussion patterns and vivid synths to the hefty techno funk and rave components in “Strange Candy.” With loud drumming and hands-in-the-air synth magic, “It Happened Again” provides peak-time perfection. “Boyz Makin Noiz” closes the EP with twitchy stabs, twisted acid lines, and gloomy voices.

It’s no secret that to me, Amazingblaze is one of the purest talents out there. This guy really understands what music is about and manages to create dancefloor bombs time after time. I’m super proud to have him on board for another EP on KNTXT and to watch him grow and become one of the top level artists out there. – Charlotte de Witte

Amazingblaze presents yet another outstanding EP on KNTXT. It perfectly blends forward-thinking techno and trance components.