“The Night EP” is Acid Asian return on de Witte RPM

After his last release on the label, Acid Asian delivers another four-track techno blast

Acid Asian
Acid Asian

Acid Asian returns to RPM, the sub-label of Charlotte de Witte‘s KNTXT imprint, with The Night EP. The return happens a year after his last eye-catching release. His latest EP “The Night” is an exciting four-track release that blends harsh techno, acid, and trance in fresh and intriguing ways.

Acid Asian, a.k.a. Fábio Seiki is from So Paulo and began his endeavor in 2020, amid the epidemic. He has swiftly created a name for himself with his unique blend of sounds. His music ranges from trance to rap to acid to techno. His enthusiasm for the 303 is unmistakable.

This EP I tried to do something different than usual for me, creating an ambient track in which I used Taiko – a Japanese instrument – with other elements and vocals to create a dark and deep ambience. Besides that, I tried not to focus as much on the acid lines like I’ve done in my last EP ‘Break Into Acid‘. ‘The Night’ and ‘Journey’ are tracks that represent this new idea in which ‘Journey’ is a more groovy track and ‘The Night’ is more intimate, focusing on people’s feelings. ‘New Statement’ is more similar to my previous productions, however this time I added a rap part because it’s part of my daily influences. I’m really happy to be able to express myself the way I wanted to with these tracks.- Acid Asian

Acid Asian Brand new The Night EP

The EP’s Tracklist includes:

  1. The Night
  2. New Statement
  3. Journey
  4. Valley Of Dreams

The Night‘ begins with thundering beats and jagged trance synths lighting up the airwaves, as alien sounds scamper in the background.

New Statement‘ combines strong, flat-footed kick drums with turbo-charged acid lines straight out of a 90s video game. With some frightening vocal stabs and spooky pads, you get another techno classic with a great breakbeat break and rap midway through.

Journey‘ has a ragged bottom end and distorted kick that are brought to life by sparkling melodies that flit over the scales while synths are shot with unwavering accuracy.

Valley Of Dreams‘ is a dramatic and cinematic closer, the kind of ominous soundtrack you’d expect to hear before the commencement of a final level monster encounter.

The 4-track EP is out Charlotte De Witte’s RPM Imprint

Acid Asian is back! One of the purest talents out there, KNTXT, is releasing his second EP on RPM, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been listening to these tracks all summer, and I love that the EP includes an ambient track as well. It demonstrates Acid Asian’s versatility as a producer. Big things are on the way! – Charlotte de Witte

Acid Asian‘s KNTXT RPM imprint has released yet another powerful EP from the breakout talent.