Charlotte de Witte drops new ‘Asura’ EP on her label KNTXT

Charlotte de Witte
Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte continues her fantastic year with a brand new EP, Asura, on her KNTXT label. All three of the tracks on this album were featured exclusively in her BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, which aired on September 18th.

Charlotte has been busy in other areas in addition to returning to the road and performing her high-intensity DJ sets at the world’s best clubs and festivals. She’s formed a new partnership with Apple Music, and she’s now curating a number of exclusive mix series, including a monthly KNTXT Residency Mix and KNTXT Active, which sees the Belgian artist and her label delve deeper into the links between high-performance music, sports, and BPMs. She has recently remixed the hugely influential trance classic The Age Of Love‘ by Age Of Love’ alongside Enrico Sangiuliano and continues to A&R essential new tunes for the label.

With Asura EP I’m trying to give you a little insight into my musical influences by going back to my roots. We’re speaking about a young Charlotte who, about 12 / 13 years ago, got indulged in the world of electronic music by going to her first underground clubs and raves. From electro and techno to acid core and hardcore to psytrance. This EP flirts with the soundscapes of the latter. – Charlotte de Witte

The EP.

With plenty of psychedelic influences, Charlotte delves deep into her own past in electronic music on this EP. ‘Asura,’ the album’s first track, is a brightly lit techno track with big chords that add color. They’re sleek and metallic, and they’re sure to get people’s hands in the air, with acid sounds and rumbling bass adding weight and depth to this fantastic opener. Another dramatic and psychedelic track is ‘Soma,’ which features hard-edged drums pounding beneath celestial chords. They are mysterious and emotive and bring color to the darkness. Last but not least, ‘Stigma,’ with its all-consuming techno groove and bass that sounds like it was fired from a machine gun, is another big, psytrance-tinged and emotional roller coaster. The drums roll again after an acidic breakdown, and even the largest festival crowd will be swept away.

With her standout new Asura EP, Charlotte de Witte once again takes the lead.