Christian Löffler teams up with Mogli for ‘Envy’

Christian Löffler
Christian Löffler

Christian Loffler, a producer of electronic music and a visual artist, has released a new tune titled “Envy.”

Envy is the result of a collaboration between Loffler and Mogli, a singer and composer. On this track, Loffler’s typical dreamy electronics take a pop direction, resulting in a gloriously uplifting voyage. Christian Loffler has established a name for himself as a leader in the field of expressive electronic music by creating a style that walks the line between the gentle rhythms of ambient music and the powerful punch of deep house.

Mogli’s vocals, which are disarmingly honest and haunting, were woven into the beats and synth-scapes that the internationally renowned producer created for this new track by inviting Mogli to contribute. Mogli shot to prominence with the release of her first studio album, The Wanderer.

Christian Löffler and Mogli new single ‘Envy’ is also part of a Netflix’s documentary

The music served as the soundtrack to her Netflix and box-office success Expedition Happiness, a documentary that Mogli filmed and which chronicled her travels across North America aboard a school bus that had been converted into a camper van. After the release of this album, the singer has continued to keep a journal of her life through a variety of other genres, including music. A widely awaited track, Envy” will be on the upcoming album by Christian Loffler, which is scheduled for release in the fall.

Envy has a naive quality to it; perhaps it’s the straightforward manner in which Mogli delivers her vocals, or perhaps it’s the naivete of Loffler’s luminescent synths and beats. Either way, Envy has a childlike quality. In either case, it is a track that exudes a sense of youthfulness; it encourages letting go of everything and reestablishing a connection to one’s own inner self.

For me, this song marks a point in my artistic life where I took a step back from everything and wanted to start over again. After working on orchestral pieces for the Shellac project “Parallels”, I wanted to return to electronic music in my purest intention – Christian Löffler.

Envy is about the moment you stop caring about the people you leave behind when you grow. It’s not worth it to dim your light – Mogli.

The artists: Christian Löffler and Mogli

Collaborators and friends, Christian Loffler and Mogli also share a remarkable synergy on stage, and it is only fitting that Envy also reflect this kinship, since it would be inappropriate otherwise.

Working with Christian is very special. We speak to each other through music and it just makes sense on an emotional level – Mogli.

There is an immediate warmth to the track that not only depicts their closeness but also reflects the desire of both artists to express themselves in an authentic and unpretentious manner in their creative work.

Mogli is also well-known for channeling deeply personal and very relatable themes such as self-empowerment and vulnerability in her creations, whether they are songs, films, dances, or fashion, while Loffler has created a reputation for himself by creating electronic sound adventures that speak directly to the heart. Mogli has also made a name for herself by channeling these themes.

These two sensitive individuals collaborate on the single “Envy” to carve out a safe zone, resulting in a track that is open, honest, and welcoming of all perspectives. The openness of the singer, combined with the friendliness of the producer, creates an inspiring voyage that instills confidence in the person who is listening to it.