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Ayelle ‘Slow Clap’ EP receives remixes by Sonn, LIMITS and more

Ayelle Slow Clap EP Talk LIMITS remixFollowing the releases of the five-track EP ‘Slow Clap’, Ayelle is back delivering a complete remix pack of ‘Slow Clap’ including Sonn, Fallen Roses, Luvian, and LIMITS.

Released a month ago, Ayelle ‘Slow Clap’ EP, has been described by as “vexed emotions trickling over minimal R&B-electropop compositions – all relayed via honey-sweet vocals.” This EP is not the usual sound you would find here, at The Groove Cartel but, we have featured because of a really fresh remix of one of the tracks by the London-based singer.

‘Talk’ by Ayelle, song extracted from ‘Slow Clap’ EP, receives fantastic remix by LIMITS.

Only two weeks ago the ‘Slow Clap’ EP by Ayelle has received a four-track remix pack featuring a sweet blend of electronic, alternative r&b ranging from chilled experimental beats to the club.

“All the remixers on this pack are people I’ve worked with before and trust, and it’s been great to hear each of them bring their own style to the project.” – Ayelle

Spacing from really soft vibes to r&b beats, this remix pack has caught our attention because of the LIMITS version of ‘Talk’. Kicking off this wonderful soft melody gentle driven by wide kicks and the angelic voice of Ayelle it rapidly jumps into an explosion of feelings thanks to the incredible energy of the drop. The mystical melody that drives the listeners to the whole track, combined with Ayelle voice makes LIMITS’ remix a pure gem of electronic music.

“I wanted to unravel the roles we play in glorifying unhealthy relationships and the myth of what a fuckboy is. The concept of the EP is basically a slow clap for them, but also a call for self-reflection and taking responsibility for our own feelings.” – Ayelle

Swedish-Iranian Ayelle has been songwriting ever since she learned how to write. He has grown up between Sweden and Spain and he’s now established herself in London. With releases on Bitbird, Majestic Causal, and Deadbeats, Ayelle is steadily carving out her own space whilst continuously innovating her sound and collaborating with a range of different producers and artists.

Ayelle ‘Slow Clap’ EP, as well as the remix pack and the fantastic LIMITS version, are out now on every music store and streaming platform. You can check it below.

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